Friday, December 04, 2015


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The $NYAD went to sell two days ago, and barely moved higher on the 370 point Friday. 

The $NYHL also went to a sell signal, but is just one up day to a brand new whip saw fricking buy signal, sigh............

The $NYMO, above, and the $NYSI remain on buy signals, although they are one day away from sell if we go down Monday....

This probably don't mean diddly squat but my Market Monitor was a little flakey on Friday, we were almost exactly split on the stocks that were up 4% and down 4% for the day, that's out of over 2900 stocks in the scan, you can see that on the weekly it was over whelming on the sell side, 606 4% down vs only 2258 up, even worse was there were only 67 new 52 week highs vs 104 lows, the $NYSE was the same way with only 51 new 52 wk highs on Friday vs 169 lows, the SP 500 had 26 new highs vs 20 lows, so at least they were positive. I'm sure the FED will see their mistake and correct it next week, buying enough stocks to push the numbers higher. 
The P and F chart for the $SPX has no signal at all again, while the $BPSPX continues on the "Bear Alert" signal from 11/16.

Out of 12 fairly major markets we now have FOUR that are NOT on a Silver Cross buy signal, the 20 SMA above the 50, $CRB, GLD, and TLT. and VWO joined the party this week, PLUS, the IYT is looking verwy verwy shaky.

I can actually say some thing a little different about the Bullish Percent indexes this week, they are all on Silver Cross buy signals but some of them are little a little weak, especially the energy $BPENER, which has crashed through both the 20 and 50 SMA.

Out of 12 SP sectors the same three, XME, XLU and XRT are on a BEARISH Silver Cross again this week, while XLP got saved by the Freaky Friday, and XLE is a day or two away from a bearish cross.

37 of the 77 markets I keep track of were higher this week, meaning 40 were lower, but that includes some of the inverse markets. GDX was the BIG wiener this week, up 10.26%, and, YES, I caught it, BUTT, I bailed on Thursday before the pay roll report, AAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!! It just makes me sick when I'm RIGHT, but WRONG AS HELL............. my thought was the report would be good, which I was right, which meant the DOLLAR would go higher, which I was RIGHT, which meant GOLD would get crushed, which I was....................... WRONG!!!!! Is that the stupidest fricking thing you ever saw, sigh, also stupid was every other good payroll report interest rates went UP, but, NOT this time, wad ever......... you had to go to the second page to see our best major market for the week, the NasDOGS were up .73%, all of it on Friday of course, the DIA was up .29% and the SPY flat at .03%, and the HUGE winner last week, the IWM, was the HUGE loser this week, down 1.54%, even after being up 1.01% on Friday. I'd like to think my statements about a 290 P/E on the IWM last week was the reason they were down, hahahahahaha...........

For some reason inwestor's didn't like South Africa this week, losing 5.08% to be the winner of the loser's, it sure seems strange to me to see the USO down 4.37%, AND, the IYT down 3.26%, AND, UUP down 1.69%, I mean, I'm probably WRONG, but none of that seems to "fit" to me, but that's just me, what the **** do I know!

Here's the beeg wiener's in the SP 500 this week, NEM was obviously a big reason for the performance of GDX this week, I saw a lot of twitter talk about FSLR, YHOO and QCOM this week, AA was NOT on the list for the first time in a couple of weeks, I guess the fun might be over for a while,

And here's the loser's list, hhmmm, energy. energy, energy, energy, energy, and, oops, SHIRTS, I guess with all those high dollar energy workers out of work none of them are wearing PVH shirts to work.
59 stocks closed on 20 day highs vs 47 and 45 on lows vs 7, , 4 stocks closed with an RSI 14 above 80, ARG on list last week, ALTR, CSC and HRL joined them, ONE stock had a -20 RSI, KMI, the last four days look like some thing out of 2008, Ya Know, like a horror story. The NYSE had 64 PSAR buy signals vs 89 last week and 135sell signals vs 52 last week,  78 new CCI buys vs 128 and 145 lows vs 71.

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