Sunday, November 01, 2015


The $NYAD's have a three day whip saw pattern after the Wednesday sell signal and are waiting for a "thrust" pattern like we had in late August or September, I mention both of those months as the "thrust" could go either way, although seasonality dictates to the upside.  

The $NYHL continues to look, aaaahhhhhh, AWFUL, moving sideways in a classic bear flag, with technical patterns saying that you SHOULD get a down thrust (or UP thrust), move side ways, and then "CONTINUE" in the original direction, but that was before the immoral Federal Reserve decided they should control the markets with their massive manipulations, so, wad ever. 

The $NYSI is on a buy signal, and, surprisingly, I have no arguments with this one. 

The P and F chart for the $SPX didn't say to sell but it is on a Red signal because of a "Long Tail Up" on 10/28/2015.

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In a complete reversal of previous months I can now say this week that out of 12 fairly major markets there is only ONE that is NOT on a Silver Cross buy signal, 20 SMA above 50 SMA, that being $TNX, although in my mind it begs the question of WHY are interest rates going down if growth is so fricking great, and didn't most people blame the drop in the markets in August on the STRONG dollar hurting earnings of the big multi national companies, and now here the dollar is back at it's August highs????? Funny stuff, it is. 

Every single one of the 12 Bullish Percent indexes were on Silver Crosses this week, so I guess that's, aaahh, well, eeerr, BULLISH.

Here's the big winner's this week in my 77 markets, , with the monthly winners at the top and weekly at the bottom. you might notice a lot of RED on the weekly part of that top chart, as Da Boyz get ready to rotate out of the big winners last month and into new positions this month. Our best major last month was the NasDOGS,  QQQ, but of course actually it was GOOG and AMZN, as they were practically solely responsible for the big gains. It's also interesting to see two of the worst performers now in the top ten, XLB and XLE, as you just never know when the rotation is going to start.
I've mostly been playing individual stocks on earnings plays so I have to admit I was quite shocked at the weekly table at the bottom, as listening to the feeding frenzy in the MM and twitter I just assumed every stinking index DOUBLED this week, hahahahaha!!!! I guess they must have been concentrating on the big monthly gains, as only 14 indexes were higher this week, our best major was the NasDOGS again, QQQ up .49%, then SPY at .17%, then DIA at a MASSIVE .07%, with the risk on little guys actually DOWN this week, IWM -.39%.
Part of the weakness may be blamed on THIS:

The WSJ has the P/E on the IWM at an astounding 90.05, I mean, like, WOW, this thing could lose 80% and STILL be EXPENSIVE!! And, BY THE WAY, I thought all the buzz was that the little guys were better "values" because LARGE CAPS would be hurt by the higher dollar in the International markets, huh, ain't that what they are saying???!!!! Geeze, what a bunch of liars, sigh, wad ever. By the way, I LOVE the "Forward" guesses, hahahahaha, they are based on operating earnings, which are nice, until you take out all the BAD stuff of course.

I mean, wow, I know you are supposed to listen to the message of the markets but I have to admit I just completely missed how weak they were this week, the BEST of that table, EWZ at no. 20, was down 3.22%, it was mostly those Udder Worldly markets like the EEM's, with REALLY strange things like RSX at -3.47%, strange because USO was the TOP winner in the previous chart, SMH was down 3.42% as I guess "inwestor's" finally assumed that EVERY stock in the index was NOT going to get brought out at a 100% premium............. I don't have the monthly loser's as there was only 8 of them, the inverse funds like VXX and SH, UNG and the bonds were also loser's, although TLT and BND were only down .86% and .02% respectively.
The big "winner" in the loser's last week was GDX:

And if we can get it back down to $13 I will DEFINITELY be taking another shot at it. I may take some of it if it can hold that 50 MA, we'll see.

Here's the beeg wiener's in the SP 500 this week with the monthly winner's at the top table ..........................

And here's the loser's list, CNX was a stand out as it was the, "WINNER", of both the monthly list at the top and the weekly list at the bottom, WAY TO GO CNX, WOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!
 What REALLY surprises me about CNX is that I'm not LONG it, hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...................

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