Friday, October 09, 2015


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The main men, $NYAD, and the $NYSI had HUGE thrusts this week, I mean, people just LOVE this market!!

HOWEVER, both the "CUMULATIVE" $NYSI and the all important $NYHL are still on sell signals, the markets did not turn up a year ago until BOTH of these got a new buy signal, the $NYSI is not even close to one right now  but the $NYHL is within a gnat's ass of a new signal, an up day on Monday would do it, and based on last Monday Goldman and Da Boyz will probably gap the futures up about 10% into Monday morning.

I believe the $NYMO got over 90 this week, the Friday close is the second highest close in the last five years, the low in 2012 was the only higher one. This used to mean we were OVER BOUGHT but since the MASSIVE interventions by the stinking FED the last seven years and the introduction of the "COSTANZA" market, this now means over sold and a new bull market.

Out of 12 fairly major markets only one, ONE, is on a Silver Cross buy signal, 20 SMA above 50 SMA, and that's the single most hated market in the world, GLD...............

The12 Bullish Percent indexes had five Silver Crosses this week compared to only three last week.

The $SPX P and F chart is on a "Double Top Breakout" from 10/5.

The P and F chart for the Bullish Percent $SPX is on a "Bull Confirmed" from 10/9.

Here's the big winner's this week in my 77 markets, and I have to say, this is the stupidiest thing I have EVER seen, the WORST market on the first page, EEM, was up 6.17%, which is a good YEAR in NORMAL markets, but this cacls out to 320% a YEAR!! AND THAT'S THE WORST OF THE BUNCH!!! Did I mention that this is the STUPIDIEST thing I've EVER seen??????? All because the F**KING FED said things are so BAD that they aren't going to raise rates, and that was right before the worst payroll report we've had in like a year!!!!
Wad ever, sigh, our best sectors, besides GDX, were XLB and oil related, XLE and OIH and USO, as if the shitty payroll report is going to increase DEMAND, hahahahahahahahahaha................ like I said, wad ever, our best major was IWM, up 4.6%, then DIA, 3.76%, SPY 3.29%, with the NasDOGS bringing up the rear at a measly 2.42%, TLT went from first to worst this week, down 1.83%.
37 markets closed the week at 20 day highs vs only two last week, , 1 closed at a low, SH, only 10 market are on a Silver Cross, the NYSE didn't close much better close than week with 101 stocks on PSAR buys vs 201 last week and 21 on sells vs 82, not much better on the new 52 week highs with 78 on Friday but only 7 new  lows.
Speaking of 20 day highs, once the market reach's that level then the first pull back can be bought..............

Wow, only five markets finished lower this week, I don't keep track of this stat but it sure sounds like a record number to me.............

Here's the beeg wiener's in the SP 500 this week, I actually watched an ANAL-lyst on Bloomberg say, with a straight face, you want to buy QUALITY stocks with INCREASING earnings the last few quarters, well, OBVIOUSLY, he hasn't looked at the big winner's in the SP 500 lately..........................

The loser's list TOTALLY shocked me, as I didn't thing it was POSSIBLE for any thing to go DOWN this week, especially things like YUM, BIIB, EBAY, TAP, MYL, JWN................... AA is NOT on the list, but they fell on Friday after the dumb asses MADE money in the quarter, again, sigh, they haven't gone up since they LOST TWO BILLION in that one quarter in 2013, oh well, there's always next quarter...................
28 SP stocks had a 52 week high Friday, there was only one 52 wk low, GPS, 196 had a new 20 day high vs 3 lows,GPS, EA and CME, 119 were on a Silver Cross and 312 were above their 50 SMA, ZERO stocks closed with an RSI above 80 or below 20, just AMAZING that there's no over bought or over sold stocks to do credit spreads on the weeklies, 386 stocks were above a 50 RSI and 114 below 50.
I didn't proof read this so I don't know what it looks like, but I'm off to see our number two state ranked Beaver High school football team play, so, later Gator's..... can you imagine being on a team know as the Beaver Beavers, hahahahahahaha......................

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