Friday, October 16, 2015


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We had an improvement this week as out of 12 fairly major markets we increased from one last week to three this week that are on a Silver Cross buy signal, 20 SMA above 50 SMA, although none of them are the ones you particularly want to see leading, $CRB, GLD and TLT.  DIA and VWO are within a gnat's ass of a new signal, one up day on Monday and they probably get it.

The12 Bullish Percent indexes had eight Silver Crosses this week compared to only five last week, $BPNYA and $BPCOMPQ will  join the buy parade with any kind of decent day on Monday.

With this being Triple Witching day to end the week this probably don't mean diddly squat, but of the 2976 stocks in my Market Monitor that were up 4% on the day and week we had more of them that were DOWN 4% than UP, which seems verwy verwy strangwe after two fairly big up days in a row, the daily up 4% had a huge drop from 361 to only 65 stocks, the weekly was not as bad but it sure seems funny that 457 stocks finished down on the week compared to 349 higher.

Here's the big winner's this week in my 77 markets, , our best major this week was the NasDOGS, as QQQ went from worst to first, uip 1.49%, most likely because of the SMH being up 3% as it appears that every Semiconductor company in the NasDOG 100 is going to be bought by every other Semiconductor outfit. TLT was our next best major, up 1.35% as investor's fled to the safetly of bonds, , then SPY, .93%, DIA at .65%, with the IWM bringing up the rear at MINUS .29%, interesting to see the risk on assets not doing to hot with all this LOVE from Bubblevision.
Only 17 markets closed the week at 20 day highs vs 37 last week, , 3 closed at a low, SH, QID and VXX, which make perfect sense, only 22 market are on a Silver Cross, the NYSE closed with 75 stocks on PSAR buys vs 101 last week and 64 on sells vs 21, some what of a deterioration,  better on the new 52 week highs with 77 on Friday but only 11 new  lows.

A lot of markets got hit pretty hard this week, especially compared to last week when only FIVE were down on the week, Brazil is just a disaster, EWZ down 6.02% this week alone, although if that woman President decides to leave it will probably rally 100% in one day, oil was real weak with USO and OIH down over 4%, which brings up the weird one as the Transports were also down, IYT -2.09%, as they are "supposed" to get helped with oil prices drop, wad ever.

Here's the beeg wiener's in the SP 500 this week ..........................

And here's the loser's list, PWR seems to not have any, power that is, NFLX flickered some what, WMT got CRUSHED as it appears the consumer is NOT living in La La Land like the ANAL-lyst seem to be, there was no JOY this week, FCX followed  AA lower this week.
24 SP stocks had a 52 week high Friday, while three had new 52 wk lows, WMT, STX and PWR, 149 had a new 20 day high vs 7 lows,178 were on a Silver Cross and 308 were above their 50 SMA, ZERO stocks closed with an RSI above 80 or below 20, AGAIN, just AMAZING that there's STILL no over bought or over sold stocks to do credit spreads on the weeklies, 355 stocks were above a 50 RSI and 145 below 50.

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