Saturday, September 05, 2015


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These are not the 50-200 SMA crosses that Chris talks about in that video, but they are the ones that I prefer, the 20-50 cross, or Silver Cross, and out of 12 markets above only one, TLT, is positive, ALTHOUGH, GLD, down in the lower left corner, is right on the verge of a cross.
His video is, of course, excellent. One thing I would note is that once the MA's start trending downward price hardly ever gets above the 200 SMA until the end of the bear market, so, that might be some thing to keep an eye on. The "average" bear market drops about 35-40%, according to Hussman, but, of course, that was before MASSIVE manipulation and interventions by Central Banks and Governments, so maybe 12% will be the average from here on out........................
There should be no panic of course, as true "INVESTORS" will be using this opportunity to continue their long term plan and add at much better prices. "TRADERS" however, will be making and losing fortunes as they try to catch every bottom and sell every top.

Both the $BPSPX at the top and $SPX at the bottom point and figure charts are on bullish patterns.

The $NYAD's are chopping around and have been pretty useless this year, setting up whip saw after whip saw.

The $NYHL has been a much smoother trending indicator, confirming the buy in last October and maintaing it after the whip saw in December until the sell signal in June, right now at least it's "trying" to flatten out some what.

The $NYSI remains on sell, and I don't like the side ways move of the past week, it says nothing.

Here's the biiiiiiiggggg winner's of my 76 markets this week, eight in all, EGPT was the only non defensive type market with gains, other than the USO, AND, the dollar, UUP, as you just knew we had to have some thing weird during the week.

Here's the big loser's, and they were Legion, they were mostly emerging markets like, EWA, EWJ, RSX, Turkey, Spain, India, you know, all those Frontier type markets, hahahahahaha......................
Not much change in the stats this week, ZERO markets closed at 20 day highs and 4 at lows vs zero and zero last week, 9 markets closed on a Silver Cross vs 12 last week, those are very very low numbers so the difference means nothing. The big winner in our major market was IWM, "only" down 2.31%, then DIA at -3.19%, NasDOGS -3.28%, and the SPY bringing up the rear at minus 3.35%. Only 4 NYSE stocks closed at 52 week highs and 108 at lows vs 8 and 7 last week, I didn't recognize the four stocks, 45 closed on PSAR buys and 42 on sells, as split as you can get, 25 closed on CCI buys and 186 on sells.

Here's the winner's in the SP 500 this week, all 12 of them, I'm not sure if that's a record LOW number of winners or not, I only checked on GLW as that's one of my old stand "buys", "The Street.Com" said it continues to slip toward a "MAJOR" buy zone, which is funny, as they only one I see in $10, and that's 41% lower, but, to each his own I guess.
Zero stocks closed at 52 week highs and 9 at lows vs 1 and 1 last week, 20 at 20 day highs and 39 at lows vs 8 and 5 last week, 152 closed with a Silver Cross vs 194 last week, only 50 stocks closed above their 50 day average vs 101 last week, there were zero stocks that were either above 80 or below 20 on an RSI 14, 51 closed above RSI 50 and 449 closed below.

The big loser this week was JOY, I don't shake my head at JOY but I DO shake my head at CAT and DE, as in what the F##K is going on, why aren't they getting killed???? I mean, they are DOWN but not like JOY, and check this out, the TTM P/E on JOY is 6.82 and the forward is 7.35, with a PEG of 1.13 and PS of .52, CAT is 12.64, 16.03, 1 and .83, while DE is 12.17, 16.84, NO PEG (IE, their growth is NEGATIVE), and .84, their FORWARD P/E's being 25% HIGHER than the TTW also cracks me up, I mean, why does the street give these dogs such a fricking free ride?????????????????? Just typical bull shit, sigh............ wad ever, I probably won't buy any of them until the mining and grain markets look to be turning around.

This is some thing I just don't "GET", why it's GOOD that housing costs are higher than it was at those UN-affordable prices back in 2008 and rent costs in LA, SF, NYC and Miami are 50% of young household pay, PLUS, I hear NO ONE talking about the Obamacare costs you can add to those costs, and the FED wonder's why there is no growth, geeze....... 

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