Friday, September 25, 2015


In 12 some what MAJOR markets only one, ONE, is on a Silver Cross, 20 SMA above the 50 SMA, and that's the most hated market in existence, GLD.

The Bullish Percent indexes are a little better, with three of them on a Silver Cross, Materials, Energy and Utilities.

 On a Point and go Figure chart the $BPSPX is on a "BEAR Confirmed" from 9/25....
 While amazingly the big index, $BPNYA, is on a "BULL Alert" from 9/9.

The main men, the $NYAD's, went back to a SELL signal, to join the continuing sell signal on the $NYHL, while the $NYSI went to a BUY signal, although on a cumulative chart it remains on sell.

Here's the winner's in my 77 markets this week, all 13 of them, I do find it a little strange that the dollar, GOLD, AND OIL were on the winner's list, but whom am I to doubt it in this Costanza market. The DIA were the big winner's in our major markets, ALL OF IT due to NKE on Friday, DIA down .40% on the week, one market closed at a 20 day high, XLU, and four closed at 20 day lows, XLV, JNK, OIH and IWM.

Here's the big loser's for the week, XME was down 8% on the week to be the "leader", with the big surprise being XLV showing up on the list, well, actually I guess that EWZ NOT being the leader on this list was a bigger surprise. The little guys showed up as our major loser, IWM down 3.69%, then QQQ at -2.31%, and SPY only down 1.28% for the week.

Here's the beeg wiener's in the SP 500 this week, NKE was up 8.65% with 8.89% of that coming on Friday, as they beat their employee's in China, eeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr, I meant to say they beat their "earnings" from last year by 19%, it's a good thing those employees are not that many as they certainly can't afford to buy the shoes they make.
Pretty flat stats this week, 6 closed at 52 wk highs and 16 at lows, 54 at 20 day highs and 58 at lows, 67 on a Silver Cross and 100 were above the 50 DMA, ZERO had a RSI 14 above 80 but only 3 below 20, FMC, JOY and CPGX, 129 stocks were above the 50 RSI and 371 below it, pretty weak stuff, in the $NYSE only 35 stocks closed with a PSAR buy signal and 91 on a sell, 24 closed on 52 wk highs with 121 on lows, and 95 closed with a CCI buy signal and 78 on a sell.
With the $NYA and $INDU finishing higher and the $SPX flat you woulda THUNK that the A/D's were GOOD Friday, you woulda, on FinVIZ the over all A/D's were 2697 advancing and 4120 declining, a, VERY, big divergence. Probably enough to get the FED chair in a panic and pumping trillions into Goldman and JPM and them Sunday night to get the futures higher into Monday.

Man, the top 20 loser's are all double digits this week, other than FCX, Ya know I love MOS as a company, but I don't trust it any more after that Russian outfit lowered prices last year in that squeeze move, sigh, CAT deserves to be on this list, along with DE, then JOY wouldn't feel to lonely..............

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