Friday, August 07, 2015


Here's 12 rather important markets with a 20 and 50 SMA on them, a little change this week as half are now on a buy signal, or a Silver Cross, $COMPQ, SPY, $TRAN, $USD, TLT, and VTI.
On the NYSE this week 102 stocks closed with PSAR buy signals and 148 on sell vs 296 and 39 last week, a BIG degradation in breath, 33 closed at 52 wk highs and 161 at lows vs 131 and 71 last week, and 88 on CCI buy signals and 284 on sell vs 215 and 76 last week, all bad numbers, which, in this "COSTANZA" market, probably means we go to Da stinking MOOOOOON next week.

The $NYAD's at the top are on a sell signal as is the $NYSI, but both are so close that probably one decent up day and we get buy signals.

The Bullish Percent of the major indexes look just AWFUL!

And here's a Point and Figure chart of the SPX that shows it on a CONFIRMED SELL SIGNAL, in the red box, as is ALL the major indexes.

Here's the beg wieners in my 77 markets this week, the first two are inverse funds, nobody cares about Nat gas, so the leading market was...............BONDS, with TLT up 1.70% on the week, PLUS, they pay, WHAT, 18% a year, like they did in 1980 when the greatest bull market in history started??? OH, that's right, that stinking FED has them down at 2.76% as they NOW think the way to start a 20 year bull market is to starve every one for yield, sigh, wad ever! The last market on that list, EWU, was dead flat so I guess that means 57 of the 77 markets were down on the week, 3 closed at a 20 day high, TLT, XLU and UUP, none of which I guess you would consider to be "good" indicators, 9 closed at highs last week, 14 closed at 52 wk lows vs 4 the prior week, and 29 closed on a Silver Cross vs 18 the prior week, it went up because some of them are inverse funds.

Here's the big loser's for the week, I had to look EWM up, hahaha, its Malaysia, down 7.08% on the week as evidently their Prime Minister got caught in some sort of housing market scandal thing, that would be like our FED getting caught allowing the banks that own them to sucker in ignorant subprime buyers into buying houses they couldn't afford...........ohh, wait, they already did get caught doing that..... we ALL know whats wrong with Brazil, EWA was 9th worse, my favorite Country ETF it is, but I still won't touch it, their housing market is waiting for the shit to hit the financial fan like ours did in 08'.
Our major loser is on that list, IWM down 2.46% on the week, the leader was the SPY, "only" down 1.20%, then the NasDOGS, QQQ down 1.46%, then the BIG Dogs, DIA down 1.66%.

Here's the beg wieners in the SP 500 for the week, definitely NOT for the BTFD crowd, as there weren't any...... dips that is. I thought FSLR had gapped up with the other solar stocks on the Obama plan to finish killing off millions of coal related jobs so he could create hundreds of green jobs, but it was actually on earnings, hhhhmmmm, how bout that...... PCLN looked pretty impressive at 5.93% until I realized that they were up 8.39% on their earnings day.

And here's the loser's for the week, I still SWEAR that I thought GMCR was supposed to have been brought by KO for like $110 or some thing like that, I guess it fell through???..... DIS had a little surprise in store for inwestors, I was kind of surprised the BTFD'er's had not piled in by the end of the week, oh well, just a matter of time.........

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