Friday, August 14, 2015


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Here's 12 rather important markets with a 20 and 50 SMA on them, a little change this week as only 4 are now on a buy signal, or a Silver Cross, $COMPQ, SPY, $USD, and TLT. I heard a LOT being made about the "DEATH CROSS" in the $INDU this week, PLEASE, some one will have to show it to me:

Hahahahahaha, the DIA does NOT have a "DEATH CROSS", not even close in fact, some one will REALLY have to explain THAT one to me, sigh, how the $INDU has one and this one doesn't.
On the NYSE this week 96 stocks closed with PSAR buy signals and 46 on sell vs 102 and 148 last week, much better, 60 closed at 52 wk highs and 94 at lows vs 33 and 161 last week, pretty disconcerting to see so many more LOWS than HIGHS on the UP day Friday, probably not to good, and 117 on CCI buy signals and 61 on sell vs 88 and 284 last week, another big improvement.

The Bullish Percent of the major indexes STILL don't look at all GOOD...........

And here's a Point and Figure chart of the SPX that still shows it on a CONFIRMED SELL SIGNAL from July 10, in the red box, as is ALL the major indexes.

The $NYAD whip sawed into a buy signal, as did the $NYSI, but it hasn't even made it back up to the little high in late July, much less the major high we made in July, the $NYA at the top got over the late July high but has closed back below it, personally, I ALWAYS want to see the $NYAD's LEADING the markets. As shown we do have a POSITIVE divergence on the MACD, which certainly can't hurt any thing.

Here's the beg wieners in my 76 markets this week, it was all the major LAGGING commodity markets this week, as we get a little mean reversion I guess, over sold bounces?? XLU was a little surprise sitting in 6th spot, the SPY was the only major on the first page, up .69% on the week, although I consider RSP more major than it and it was up .99%, DIA was next at .62%, then IWM at .38%, with the NasDOGS bringing up the rear at .18%.  5 closed at 20 day highs
vs 6 last week, 7 closed at 52 wk lows vs 14 the prior week, and 29 closed on a Silver Cross vs 29 the prior week.

Here's the big loser's for the week, ERY is going off the list, EWM showed up as the wiener again this week, this shows oil down 3.91% this week if you were in USO, despite all the yelling and screaming about China FXI is NOT on that list and was only down .25% on the week, hardly worth Bubblevision getting every one all upset if you ask me.

Here's the big winner's in the SP 500 this week, let's see, PCP is a Buffett thingey, SYY is a Peltz thingey, which is good because it missed earnings, WHICH, I might add, I thought was hill-fricking-larious, as they said US food "related" costs hurt their earnings?????? You mean the, LOWER, costs, RIGHT???? HURT EARNINGS??? WHILE YOU KEEP CHARGING US THE SAME INFLATED FRICKING PRICES EVEN THOUGH BASE COSTS TO YOU ARE LOWER??????????????????????? Fricking roach's............

Here's the loser's for the week, I honestly don't remember hearing any one complain about LOWER costs hurting their margins out of this bunch, a lot of them have been on this list for awhile, like FCX, which CAN complain about lower costs, as they are the ones that provide the base cost to those udder outfits.
21 stocks closed at 52 wk highs and 13 at lows vs 4 and 20 last week, 63 at 20 day highs and 19 at lows vs 31 and 70, 245 on a Silver Cross vs 249 last week, 4 closed with an RSI 14 over 80, SYY, ED, PSA and K, and one with an RSI under 20, VIAB, 269 had an RSI over 50, here, let me list them................... NOT! 230 were under 50, last week was 227 and 270, so a reversal on that one.

On a side note I started a new LONG term position in PG over a week ago, it's sitting on prior support from 2014 and 2013, it's a dividend aristocrat and all that crap, ANY WHO, I just about hit the fricking floor when I saw this:

Why P&Gs CEO Is Focused on Value Creation over Growth

Hahahahahahahaha, if you don't know why I'm laughing... well, I'll tell you, talk about a fricking COP OUT!!!!!! Well, we can't GROW, so we'll just concentrate on VALUE................. OK WARREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hah hah hah, I'm still laughing over that one, I wonder how many heads in the ANAL-yst community snapped around when he made THAT statement...............

ANYWAY, I Yam an IDIOT, so I'm still with it.............. at least I know EXACTLY where my stop is, it, COULD, be under that RED line, but it's actually in trying to keep the CEO's mouth SHUT!


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