Friday, July 24, 2015


As I would expect all of the major Bullish Percent indexes are on sell signals, I included the three sector Bullish Percent indexes that are still on buy or flat signals, $BPFINA, $BPUTIL and $BPSTAP, as inwestors flee to the "SAFTEY" of "DEFENSIVE" sectors, hahahahahahahaha...........
I'm laughing of course because of this chart:

That's those three "SAFE" and "DEFENISVE" sectors in 2008, XLF lost 84%, XLU 48% and XLP 33%, but of course, this time it will be different.

That's the Candleglance group for 12 major markets, the $COMPQ, $USD, and $TNX are the only ones on a Silver Cross, 20 sma above 50 sma, the rest are all on Silver DEATH crosses, hahahahaha, a few capitals for drama.......

I don't keep track of this stat so I don't know if this is a record or not, but only 8 of the 77 markets I keep track of each week were higher, and half were inverse funds, then TLT and BND, one is the Euro, FXE, which surprised me as I didn't know the dollar was actually lower this week, with the only TRUE market being higher this week was the Irish, EIRL up .27% on the week, the true luck of the Irish I guess.

I thought GDX might be the winner of the loser's but it got beat out by a horrid performance from Brazil, EWZ -9.58%, TUR was in third followed by XME, by the way, I am LONG GDX, as I have a secret suicide wish, I guess. Several of our sectors made the first page, like XLE, DBA, XLB, USO, our best major was SPY, down 2.13% for the week, then the NasDOGS, QQQ, DIA, with IWM coming in last at -3.27%.
3 markets closed at a 20 day high vs 7 last week, ERY, TLT and XLY, 23 at a low vs 11, 13 on a Silver cross vs 13 last week, that last one has not changed much at all in the last four months.

Here's the beg wieners in the SP 500 this week, I really thought AMZN would be numeral UNO but that went to SNDK, just barely beating out ISRG, there's a bunch of big muthas on that list, some folks made some huge money this week betting on long calls, oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean "betting", I meant, of course, "inwesting".

Here's the loser's, Ya Know, I, LOVE, FCX, but the damn thing could be another BTU for all I know, sigh, same thing with NEM, easily the best of breed in the GDX. By the way, it's not on the list, but it's about time that CAT got slapped around a little, I haven't talked to one single farmer that says he's buying any new equipment in the next decade. especially with crap like THIS going on:

Geeze, complete round trip and new lows in the grain complex in like three weeks.
15 stocks finished with 52 wk highs and 53 at lows vs 25 and 24 last week, 28 at 20 day highs and 139 at lows vs 51 and 57 last week, 193 closed with a Silver cross vs 200 last week, 2 stocks finished with an RSI above 80, CMG and AMZN, 19 with an RSI under 20, 179 closed above RSI 50 and 318 below vs 281 and 218 last week.

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