Friday, July 17, 2015


The $NYSI and $NYAD's remain on buy signals, as well as the $NYMO, I have the $NAAD's on that chart to kind of illustrate the "FUNNY" stuff going on in the "MARKETS", as the $COMPQ closed at ALL TIME HIGHS today, the SPX closed higher, and yet FinVIZ had 2295 advancing issues vs a whooping 4481 DECLINING ISSUES, AND, 275 new highs vs 339 new lows, and on my own Market Monitor, which only has 3029 stocks in it, only 60 were 4% higher today while 114 were 4% lower, Ya know, "FUNNY" stuff like that. In days of Yore the markets would have crashed in the coming days, but in the new normal of massive Central Bank manipulations we will probably crash to the UP side in the coming days, wad ever.

The $NYHL "tried" to get a positive cross over but got reeeeeeeeee ......... JECTED, but any positive close on Monday will give a buy signal on that as well.

The Bullish Percent indexes on all the major indexes look like, well, pure dog shit.

In 12 fairly important markets we have 3 with a Silver Cross, 20 SMA above 50 SMA, IWM, $USD  and $TNX, with the last two being just wonderful things to be leading the pack, hahahaha, interest rates and the dollar, the $COMPQ and QQQ are like dead nuts on the cross over, with the rest in a death cross.

Here's the beg wiener's in my 77 markets this week, the NasDOGS blew every one away, QQQ up 5.52% on the week, with XLK 4.83%, all because of GOOG as noted below, it kind of makes those "FUNNY" stats up there all the more funnier when you see a massive gain like this in the indexes, the SPY gained 2.41%, TLT 2.30%, as "inwestor's" piled into "RISK ON" assets and "SAFE ON" assets at the same time, hahahahaha, what a bunch of flakes, DIA was up 1.76%, and the IWM brought up the rear, ONLY, up 1.28% for the week, or 66.56% on a yearly basis. I don't mention XIV, up 19.17%, as that's not for the faint of heart.

And here's the loser's, with VXX and QID making perfect sense as the "winners", GDX got ripped for 7.88%, XME, SLV, USO, OIH, GLD all getting beaten up pretty good, oil is going down of course in order to provide the launching pad for the much touted WORLD WIDE ECONOMIC BOOM expected by all those Ahole Central bankers.
7 indexes finished at 20 day highs and 11 at 20 day lows vs 1 and 2 last week, and 13 finished with a Silver Cross vs 14 last week, just, NOT, much movement for all the gains made by the major indexes. The $NYSE had 63 stocks close on a PSAR by and 145 on a sell, again, kind of "FUNNY" as Thursday had 169 on a buy and 76 on a sell, 224 closed on a buy last week with 24 on a sell, sigh, 109 closed at new 52 week highs and 190 at lows vs 52 and 48 last week, 58 closed on a CCI buy and 185 on a sell vs 142 and 13 last week.

Here's the big winner's in the SP 500 this week, GOOG of course is the main reason for all those big gains in the indexes this week, it set a record in market cap gains on Friday,  rising some 15%, and the reason it did was it beat EPS estimates by 3.7% and missed on revenues, you can thank your lucky stars that I wasn't invested in it as it would have gone DOWN off those numbers. NFLX went up another 18% this week, CELG went up 13% and gets the nod for the best "COSTANZA" stock this week, as before the CB interventions the ACQUIRER usually went DOWN after shelling out for another outfit, wad ever.
Wooo hooo, I did catch the 8.38% in BAC.............
25 stocks closed at 52 wk highs and 24 at lows vs 18 and 13 last week, 51 at 20 day highs and 57 at lows vs 41 and 33 last week, 200 closed on a Silver cross vs 203 last week, all pretty flat stats, 5 closed with an RSI over 80 and 3 under 20 vs 14 and 8 last week, 281 had an RSI above 50 and 218 under 50 vs 228 and 271 last week, all remarkably unremarkable numbers.

KR had a stock split so that's a false number, CNX had a split as well.............. oh, wait, no it didn't, hahahahaha, as you would expect with the commodity weakness there's a lot of those stocks on the list, like CNX, ATI, NEM, RIB, NE, MUR, KLAC and AMAT, oh, wait, they aren't commodity stocks, although their business is commoditized ............... I have no idea why KORS and COH were both down, I thought the 1% can't get their hands on their stuff fast enough.

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