Saturday, August 01, 2015


All I can say is HOP TO IT!!!

In 12 major markets only 3 are on a Silver Cross, 20 SMA above the 50 SMA, $COMPQ, $USD and TLT, the rest remain on an MA sell signal. 

The only breath indicator on this Candleglance group that's on a buy, cross up through the 10 sma, is the $NYAD, which is the MAIN group, but I was really surprised at the $NAAD, I thought for sure they were on a buy. 

The Bullish Percent indexes continue to look like dog poop, I mean, not only do they LOOK like Dog, but they are all on "Bear Confirmed" on the Point and Figure charts, as demostrated by the 
$BPCOMPQ below:

Here's the weekly winner's in my 77 markets, IYT was the big winner, up 4.09%, and is also one of the few in "Bull Correction" mode on a Point and Figure chart, XLU and XHB were big winners as the 10 year yield moved down 2.91% this week, as inwestors fled into the safety of bonds, although TLT was only up .94% on the week. Our first major market shows up on the second page, SPY up 1.21%, the IWM 1.06%, QQQ .77%, with the DIA being the dogs for the week, up .68%.
9 markets finished the week on a 20 day high with 4 on a low vs 3 and 23 last week, 18 finished with a Silver Cross vss 13 last week, 296 NYSE stocks finished with a PSAR buy and 39 on a sell vs 47 and 360 last week, so a big improvement there, 131 finished on 52 wk highs and 71 on lows vs 41 and 371, so another huge improvement, also notable was that even though all three major markets finished lower on Friday my Market Monitor, with 3029 stocks in it, closed with 145 stocks up 4% on the day vs 126 on Thursday, and 99 4% lower on the day vs 132 Thursday, so a little divergence of interest there.

China lost another 3% this week in FXI, commodities were laid out in a line with USO, DBC, UNG and GDX fourth through seventh, Ya know of course that commodity weakness is indicative of the massive demand needed for the WORLD WIDE ECONOMIC BOOM...........................

Here's the monthly winner's in my 77 markets, TLT and XLU kicked ass, up 5.98 and 5.47%, the NasDOGS were our best major, QQQ up 3.73%, ALL of it, of course, GOOG and AMZN................

Not much surprise for the monthly loser's, all commoity based, also FXI, EWZ, EEM, XLB, etc etc.

Just for your edification here's the weekly beg wiener's in the SP 500, I have no ideas on these as I tend to specialize in the loser's..........

Which are these, I have to admit there is one stock on there I don't have, QRVO, as I have no fricking idea what it is....................... I have to also admit that PG is looking a little "interesting", another two or three points LOWER that is!

Here's the monthly winner's in the SP 500, and I'm doing a double here as I ALSO have no fricking idea what TE is................ it's unbelieveable seeing those MEGA CAP tech stocks in the top six for the month, and the $NDX bullish percent is on a SELL, hhahahahahahahahaha, wooo weeee, what a, aaaaaahhhhh, bifurcated, market........................

And there's the monthly loser's, not these, I know ALL about THEM, hahahahaha, Ya Know, I, LOVE, FCX, NEM and JOY, you can throw COP and RIG in there to, BUTT, there's no way I can touch them, I mean, every time I get itchy I look at another out fit I USED to LOVE, BTU, and I tend to get a little, aaaaaaaahhhhhhh, cautious................... you just never know how far those Aholes on Da Street will take them down before they figure they've screwed enough retails!

The Fed Can't Stop the Commodity Bear Market 

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