Friday, July 03, 2015


Soooooo, for the first half of the year the DIA, SPY, $TRAN, $NYA, $CRB and the $USD all ended with Silver DEATH crosses, the 20 SMA under the 50 SMA, the $COMPQ, IWM and $TNX all ended with bullish Silver set ups, not shown are the NasDOGS, QQQ, which just in the last couple of days had a Death cross.
One weirdo is the IWM and $TNX BOTH higher, as the general consensus is that SMALL CAPS don't like fricking HIGHER interest rates, BUTT, I guess they DO!! 

I got into FinVIZ to do the weekly stats and, WOW, what beautiful SET UPS!! They all had rounded bottoms on their intra-day patterns on Friday..............MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM........ ROOOOOOOOOOO...DED......... BOTTOMS........ I like 'em! Of course, I guess the fate of the world lies with the Greek voters, but, HEY, I hear Greek's LIKE rounded bottoms as much as me........

Putin was the beg wiener in my 76 markets in the first half of the year, RSX up a whooping 25.12%, with EWJ at 12%, EIRL and EIS right behind at almost 12%, with the surprise, to ME, that China was in sixth place, FXI up 11.42%. You have to go a ways to find our major markets, actually, our dollar was the big winner, UUP plus 4.51%, it was behind the SLV, XHB and XLY sectors, as of Friday the best major was the NasDOGS, QQQ up 4.79%, IWM 3.81%, SPY 1.81%, with the big boys bringing up the rear, DIA up a whooping .63%.

Here's the big loser's in the first half, it's amazing, our majors were hardly up, like the SPY and DIA, and yet that stinking VXX was down almost 30 fricking percent, I mean, I've said it before and I'll say it a million times more, that thing STINKS!!!!! XLU was our worst sector, actually worst that the IYT to some what of a surprise, down 14% vs 11.84%, IYR was down 7%, with a kind of surprising TLT "ONLY" down 5.26%, I thought it would be worse. like XLE only down 5.26%, it's kind of weird to see XLI down 5% while the DIA was flat, but that just goes to show with the changes in the DIA in more like the XLF than the XLI!!!!

Here's the big winners in the SP 500 for the first half, and....

Here's the big loser's......

Both the $NYAD and $NYSI remain on pretty solid sell signals, the more important $NYAD's hit the low made back in March while the $NYA is still ABOVE that low, which I consider NOT good as the $NYAD's are leading us LOWER, but, that could all change in an instant I guess....

Only 16 of my 77 markets were higher this week, and four of those were inverse funds, the one I spent all that time ragging on up above was the big winner, hahahahahahaha, VXX up 14.38%, DBA, XLU, UUP, DBC, IYR, BND were all higher on the week, and that's.......................... it.........

Another WILD THING, XIV, was the big loser this week, down 15.98%, XME and USO were commodity loser's with the higher dollar, SMH was our big sector loser down 4.29%, our worst major is on the list, IWM down 3.17%, QQQ down 1.86%, SPY -1.2% and DIA -.88%. Europe was just a little wild this week, EWG was up like 4% on Thursday alone and yet finished -3.91% on the week.
2 markets finished the week on 20 day highs, EPI and DBA, vs 1 last week, 5 on 20 day lows vs 11 last wk, 15 finished with a Silver cross vs 22 last wk, that 15 was the lowest number of Silver crosses in my 77 markets since last October, which of course was a bottom back then.
The $NYSE closed with 114 stocks on PSAR buy signals vs 52 last wk, 61 on PSAR sell signals vs 271, 51 had 52 wk highs vs 78 last wk, 80 52 wk lows vs 56, 70 on CCI buys vs 48 and 72 CCI sells vs 278 last week, so the "breath" was a little better.

Here's the big winners in the SP 500 this week, and..........

Here's the losers, only 11 stocks in the SP up over 4% this week seems a little weak to me, but, HEY, who am I to say, AA starts earnings season on Wednesday, it didn't make the list as it was "only" down 4% on the week, down about 35% since it started MAKING money after the 2 BILLION dollar loss, sssoooooooo. if they LOSE a couple of BIL, buy the ever loving shit out of it!!! It made a nice effort to hold $11 on Friday, an actual green candle, so, who knows, that's almost back where it started it's run after the big loss, sssoooooooo........... I don't know what to say.

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