Sunday, July 12, 2015


 In 12 fairly important markets we had three markets that are currently on a Silver Cross, 20 SMA above 50 SMA, that's the IWM, $TNX, and the dollar, $USD, which just made a new positive cross, the $COMPQ is sitting within a knat's ass of a death cross, and the rest are all on death crosses, DIA, SPY, QQQ, $TRAN, $NYA, $CRB, TLT, AND GLD.

HOWEVER, the main men, the $NYAD's, gave a buy signal on Friday, I just hope it's not another whip saw like late June, the $NYA double bottomed on the March lows and I'll be damned if the $NYAD's didn't do the same thing, which is, "BAD", as you would LIKE to see the $NYAD's leading us higher.

The $NYSI is still on a solid SELL signal, although, they did hook a little higher on Friday.

Here's one I don't show very often, mainly because it doesn't give signals very often, but that's the $NYHL, it's been on a sell signal since the start of July, and the last sell signal was way back in December. It would be, NICE, to see this turn back around.

Here's the beg wiener's in my 77 markets this week, kind of a weak week as the Germans, EWG, topped it at 3.07%, we had none of our major markets on the first page but some of our sectors made the list like XLP, XLU, IYR XLY, XLV,  and IYT. Our best major was the little guys, IWM up .27%, DIA .19%, then SPY, up a massive .08%, with the QQQ bringing up the rear, down a MASSIVE .28%. All those numbers are a little deceiving though as there was massive swings back and forth, mostly from huge gaps created by Goldman and their cohorts on Da Street as they tried to get the retails to chase it while they faded it after the actual open, as these over loved, over owned, and over hyped markets try and sort themselves out.
You notice I didn't say "over valued", hahahaha, as every talking head on Bubblevision says that with the MASSIVE 2.12% pull back off the ATH's the market is now "FAIRLY" valued. Of course, I also heard one of them say the same thing about the pull back in CHINA, which I guess is, RELATIVELY, true, as I guess it's more "FAIRLY" valued at the current 40 P/E than it was when it was in the 80's.

Speaking of CHINA, they were the big loser this week, FXI down a DEVIL of a lot at -6.66%...... hahahahaha......... of course those godless commie bastards are the devil themselves any way, oil also had a DEVIL of a time this week with USO down the same amount.  Ya know, until stuff like XME stops going down I really don't see why we should go blasting higher, XME down 5.57%, although Alkie, AA, tried it's best to help it higher after missing earnings, as it rose a little bit off the miss, it did beat on revenue.
One market finished at a 20 day high, XLP, vs 2 last week, 2 finished at 20 day lows, EIS and GDX, vs 5 last week, 14 finished with a Silver cross vs 15 last week, not much change in the stat's, 249 stocks on the NYSE finished on a PSAR buy signal vs 114 and 24 on a PSAR sell vs 61 last week, big improvement there, 52 finished with 52 wk highs vs 51 and 48 at new lows vs 80 last week, 142 finished with a CCI buy signal and 13 on a sell vs 70 and 72 last week.

Here's the beg wiener's in the SP 500 this week, is WBA the Women's basketball Association?? VLO blasted higher as I guess higher gas prices are on the way, GCI was third which surprised me, surprised because I didn't think there were any newspapers left in the Country.

There was no joy in JOY, down 10.12% on the week to "lead" the loser's, FCX was UP at one point Friday but gave it all back, and then some, another one of those material stocks flying higher because of the WorldWide Economic boom I guess. Hhhhmmmm, APA and RIG say oil is NOT going to go higher, who to believe, VLO or them.............
18 stocks closed on 52 wk highs and 13 on lows vs 18 and 7 last week, 41 on 20 day highs and 33 on lows vs 33 and 52 last week, 203 closed on a Silver cross vs 208 last week, 14 closed with an RSI 14 above 80 vs 3 last week, 8 with an RSI below 20 vs 5, 228 with an RSI above 50 and 271 below 50 vs 179 and 322, so that was good, but pretty much flat stat's on the week.

Don't forget, the last few Mondays have lost about a thousand points, hahahahaha, maybe it changes this week, earnings get going in earnest so there will be some decent over night gaps in individual stocks.

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