Saturday, June 06, 2015


Every thing's great, jobs are plentiful, corporations are making record profits, they are also borrowing record amounts of cheap money to buy back shares to give the allusion of those record profits, wages are increasing which will add to those record proits (or wiiiillllllllllllll they???), every thing is all, and I'll say it, GREEN SHOOTS, a flash back to the good old Larry Crudlow days.
So why aren't those damn breath indicators cooperating? Every one of them is on a sell signal, in fact the one in the middle, the $NYSI, looks horrible.......... well, ok, there is one on a buy, the good old NasDOGS down at the bottom, it's been kind of whip sawing back and forth and the only gainer Friday took it back above the signal line, wooo hooooo..........

The Candleglance group is kind of interesting, the dollar was FLYING Friday, up .91%, and for some strange reason it dragged OIL, COPPER, INTEREST RATES, the CRB, and Trannies right along with it, wow, nice stuff, I count at least FOUR of them that, "SHOULD", go in the opposite direction of the buck, actually, you can add the $RUT in there as small caps, USUALLY, hate higher interest rates, but, hey, what the heck, I guess the FED is capable of just about any thing.
Another 2% in higher yield on the TLT and I may start thinking about getting back into bonds after a looooooooooong absence, 
Some thing's "probably" going to give in that bunch next week, as I seriously doubt that they all continue HIGHER as a unit. 

Here's the winner's this week in my 76 markets I keep track of, the Trannies were the big winner's in our domestic markets, IYT up 2.58%, the little guys were our major market winner, IWM up 1.22%, and they were the ONLY winner, SPY came in second at MINUS .65% on the week, then the NasDOGS, QQQ down .68%, with the big boys bringing up the rear at -.89%. 
1 market finished at a 20 day high, and that was ERY, vs 2 last week, 34 finished at 20 day lows vs 14 last week, and 50 finished on a Silver Cross, 20 SMA above 50 SMA, vs 52 last week, 64 NYSE stocks finished with a PSAR buy signal vs 59 and 196 on a PSAR sell signal vs 210 last week, there was 65 new 52 wk hi8ghs vs 66 and 69 new lows vs 44 last week, 50 finished with a CCI buy signal vs 61 and 328 on a CCI sell signal vs 159 last week.

Here's the big loser's in the 76 markets, the top 7 were some of those udder Worldly indexes, then our big loser showed up with TLT down 4.16% on the week, XLU was right behind as it hates higher interest rates as well, SMH took a dump as I guess trader's don't believe it's going to be brought out for a 100% premium, GDX, SLV and UNG were all down, the kind of freaky one is the XLP at -2.46%, consumer staples, which is weird as I can't imagine why people don't want to invest in what I consider to be easily the single most over valued piece of shit sector in the markets, but, that's just me. 

Here's the big winners in the SP 500 this week, they liked banks, ZION, shirts in PVH, I guess because FXI was "ONLY" up .41% this week that the Chinese would have enough free change to spend it in Macau so they bid up WYNN, some of the other beaten down stocks got bid up as well like URBN, KORS, KSU. 

Here's the loser's this week, you can see why the SMH was down with INTC lower by 7.60%, I notice some of the oil outfits are starting to show up again, I guess some of them have Nat gas exposure more than oil.
17 SP stocks finished at 52 wk highs vs 17 and 6 on lows vs 7 last week, 35 finished on 20 day highs vs 32 and 140 finished on lows vs 53 last week, that last one was a big number and "MAY" say it's over sold some what, 275 closed on a Silver Cross vs 262 last week.

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