Saturday, June 13, 2015


The $NYSI is definitely leading the markets lower as it's taken out all it's prior lows back to last July, almost a year, with the exception of the October low. The, "WEIRD", part, is that the $NYA has hardly budged, it hasn't even taken out that short term trend line going back to December. I have NO IDEA if this means we have a MASSIVE catch up by the "markets" with a big whoosh down, or the markets have "saved" themselves, and will turn back up.
The bottom line though, of course, is we are on a SELL signal.

The main men, the $NYAD's, tried to get some thing going on Thursday but remain on a SELL signal. The predominant feature of course is the LOWER HIGH they made at the market double tops between April 27 and May 21, this is EXACTLY what took place at the October market high in 2007.
Of course, back then we didn't have a FED willing to sacrifice every thing and every one to save their precious owners, the Bankstas' on Wall Street, so any weakness will just be a tool for them to squeeze any misguided shorter's.

The big winner's in my 76 markets this week were mostly that Foreign stuff, with none of our major markets making the first page, USO and UNG DID make the first page though, lucky us I guess. Our BIG winner was the little guys, IWM up a massive .41% for the week, they were followed by the BIG guys, DIA up .35%, followed by bonds, TLT .31%, SPY was flat at .08%, with the NasDOGS DOWN on the week, QQQ minus .50%.
ZERO markets closed at 20 day highs this week vs 1 last week, 4 closed at 20 day lows vs 34 last week, and 39 closed on a Silver cross, 20 SMA above 50 SMA, vs 50 last week. There were 70 PSAR buy signals on the NYSE vs 64 last week and 63 closed on sell signals vs 196, there were 49 NYSE new highs vs 65 last week and 50 new lows vs 69, 41 were on CCI buy signals vs 50 last week and 157 CCI sell signals vs 328 last week, a big improvement, for the moment.

Here's the big loser's this week, volatility got CRUSHED with all those MASSIVE up moves in our markets, hahahahaha, VXX down 4.45%, some notable losers were metals, XME, GDX, SLV all down, IYT down 1.12%, INTC, eeeeeeerrrrrrrrrr, SMH was down 1.18%, the grains were down, DBA minus 1.26%, as my farming channel, RFD, was screaming for more subsidies, while K and GIS refuse to lower my cereal prices............

Here's all the beg wieners in the SP 500 this week, CTXS led as some body sent a letter to them saying their stock price should be a LOT higher, makes sense to me, I'm doing most of my letters up right after I get done here!!! "F" was higher the last three days of the week after an ANAL-yst said the higer dollar would hurt sales?????? Same thing with that ward of the US tax payer, GM, I still can't figure out where that $20 billion went.....................

Here's the losers this week, NEM was down even though GLD was higher as they sold stock to buy some more gold mines, it's funny because I sold some stock this week but I didn't get a gold mine in return, sigh..................
RIG was number two because of these two headlines:

Offshore Drillers: The Biggest Risk is Higher Oil Prices at
Transocean (RIG) Stock Falls on Lower Oil Prices at TheStreet

You got that, hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...............
5 SP stocks closed at 52 wk highs vs 17 last week, 7 at lows vs 6, 10 on 20 day highs vs 35 last week, 47 on lows vs 140, 258 closed on a Silver cross vs 275 last week, one stock closed with an RSI 14 above 80, PLL, and 2 with an RSI below 20, OKE and KMI, 193 stocks had an RSI above 50 vs 175 last week and 309 were below 50 vs 327 last week. 

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