Sunday, May 10, 2015


Wow, freak me out man, I'm not talking about the markets, although they are like, totally freaky, as we shall see, but I woke up to about four inch's of snow this morning, it freaked me out because it was totally unexpected.
ANYWAY, the main men, $NYAD, are sitting right on a new buy signal, any up day on Monday would trigger it.

HOWEVER, the signal indicator, $NYSI, is not even CLOSE to a new buy signal, it's at least probably three days away from it, even three days like Friday. The other bad thing is that the $NYAD's above are not leading us higher, IE, they have not broken out above the April highs ahead of the indexes themselves, if we get new ATH's from the major indexes without confirmation from the $NYAD's that would be very bad.

Speaking of the major's here's a candleGlance look at them, this has my interpretation of a "Golden Cross" on the charts, the 20 SMA above the 50 SMA, the DIA, SPY and $NYA are all sitting right under their ATH's, and if Da Boyz have their way on Sunday night, they will gap the futures up and open us on Monday at new ATH's, but I find it pretty interwesting that the "RISK" assets don't look that great, the COMP could not get over that prior ATH in the 5000 area, the QQQ struggled at that prior $109 from March, and the IWM looks simply awful, under the averages and in danger of a Death Cross, the IYT is NOT confirming the often watched DOW THEORY, and in fact is on a Death cross.
Check out the CRB and USO down in the lower right hand corner, wow, do they look "GOOD", which of course is, "BAD", for consumer's that is, if they keep looking so "GOOD".

Talk about "freaky", NONE of the Bullish Percent indexes are on a buy, you can see how they were making highs in April along with the indexes and are not even CLOSE right now, I mean, geeze, they look simply awful, I don't see how any one could say that's good...............
Speaking of "good", the financial bubble vision media is trying to say we went up because of the "good" jobs number, hahahahahahaha, that's absolute baldder dash bull shit,  it was right on expectations, we went up because they revised the prior month DOWN by almost 50%, which of course is GOOD as it keeps Ms Yellin and her bunch on the side lines. wad ever.

Here's my market monitor, we actually had a "freaky" Thursday, for with all the indexes up big time we had almost as many stocks DOWN 4% as UP 4%, in the red boxes, and the S and P 500 had 43 stocks make 20 day LOWS vs only 16 making 20 day HIGHS, just very weird stuff it was............

Despite all my negative..eeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr, "CAUTIONARY", narrative above, I have to admit that the SPY could fly right in the face of Chairperson Yelling and get MUCH more EXPENSIVE, hahahahahahaha, as it's the only major besides the DIA on a BBSqueeze, the upper bollinger band is turning UP, and we, COULD, start walking the upper bollinger into infinity and BEYOND!!!! It doesn't mean we HAVE to, I'm just saying the set up is there, we, COULD, fail here, but failure is not in the FED's lexicon.

Here's the beg wiener's in my 76 markets this week, despite all the yelling and screaming out of Bubblevision our best major was way down in 19th place, and was the stoggie old DIA, up a MASSIVE 1.08% for the week, which is only because of the great SAVE on Friday, when it was up 1.43%, it wouldn't be hard to feel bad about the week as we were down for most of it. IWM, the WORST looking chart, was in second at a paultry .55%, then SPY at .43%, with the Nas-DOGS bringing up the rear, QQQ DOWN .33%, hahahahhaha, I'll bet Bubblevision didn't say any thing about THAT on Friday!
You can check the stat's out yourself on the Market Monitor table up above.

China finally started taking it to their wild ass inwestor's this week, leading to the down side with FXI down 2.49%, even with it being UP 2.48% on Friday, hahahaha, wooo weeee, not for the feint of heart. A couple of it's suppliers followed in second and third, EZA and EWA, GDX was in fifth at minus 1.48%, which seems strange as GLD was UP .79% and SLV 1.87% on the week, I gotta kind of hhhhhmmmmm on that one! TLT was in seventh at -1.20%, which I mention because investor's were FLEEING into the safety of bonds at one point on Friday, as they were up as much as the indexes, at one point that is. I still can't figure out why the ten year yield was down 3.8% at one point on Friday, as I woulda THUNK the bond mavens would be demanding MUCH higher yields off of all the greaaaaaattt economic news!!

Here's the big winner's in the S and P 500 this week, WYNN, down in eighth place, cracks me up, it gets CRUSHED off of it's own lousy earnings, and then goes higher off of a mediocre jobs report here in the US, which, of course, is going to send Chinese gamblers FLOCKING into the Macau resorts, hahahahahahahahaha........................... what a bunch of shit, wad ever.

Here's the big loser's in the S and P this week, GNW, I have NO IDEA what that thing is about, it was the top winner last week, geeze, and GMCR, isn't that being bought????? And what's with WFM, that younger brother on Fast Money kept saying that EVERY ONE in the country was a bunch of rich bastards and willing to pay triple for their veggies, how come they aren't dollaring down on earnings???? And what's with seeing a bunch of energy names on the list this week, isn't oil flying????? Isn't MU the greatest SEMI outfit, like, EVER?????
Funny stuff, it is, hhhhhmmmmmmm........

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