Sunday, May 17, 2015


The biggest index of the majors, the NYSE, looks just fine, it's right on the edge of new ATH's and it's prior swing high, it's working on a BBSqueeze and could go much higher, walking up the upper bollinger band. BUTT, we still have some of those items left laying around, like the DOW Theory NON-confirmation, the $NYSI is still on a sell and the $NYAD's have NOT confirmed the new highs, stuff like that.

The DIA had an inside day Friday, it's sitting above the upper bollinger and needs to go higher, like, NOW!

With the big boys in the DIA looking the best I suppose it fits in the "Costanza" market that the little guys would look the worst, they didn't do much last week but managed to hold above the "T" line, that black EMA, and they kind of have a "VOID" above them back to the old highs, sssoooooooooo.............

The big winner in my 76 markets this week was TUR, up 8.8%, PM's had a good week with GDX and SLV showing up in the top five, one thing you won't see on this list of the top 20 is any of our major indexes.

They don't show up on the loser's top 20 either, although a few of our sectors do, like XLE, IYT, TLT and XLF. Our best major this week was those little guys, IWM up .82%, tied with the QQQ, the big boys fought it out for last place, with the SPY winning by gaining .39% on the week, followed by the DIA at .35%.
22 markets finished the week on a 20 day high vs 13 last week, and 3 finished at a low vs 0 last week, 56+ finished on a golden cross, 20 SMA above 50 SMA, vs 58 last week. 263 NYSE stocks finished the week on a PSAR buy signal vs 369 last and 48 finished with a PSAR sell signal vs 51, 128 finished at new 52 wk highs vs 91 and 23 at lows vs 28, 131 finished with a CCI buy signal vs 261, and 31 finished with CCI sell signals vs 39 last week.

Here's the beg wieners in the S and P 500 this week, PLL jumped on a possible merger with DHR, it was pretty funny as I saw more articles on FinFiz talking about investor lawsuits than about the actual merger, hahahahahaha, NFLX jumped on China expansion rumors, NEM showed up because, well, that's what it does when gold goes up, RIG finished in the number two spot and I have no idea why...................... I guess because USO was .49% higher on the week.....
42 stocks finished at 52 wk highs vs 26 last week, 3 at 52 wk lows, POM, GMCR and WYNN, like I said on Twitter I thought GMCR was a buy out????????
 94 stocks finished on a 20 day high vs 63 and 21 on a 20 day low vs 16 last week,, hhhhhmmmm, so they BOTH increased this week, 262 finished on a golden cross vs 283, 3 finished with an RSI 14 above 80, PLL, AVY and ADM, ZERO with an RSI under 20, 323 with an RSI above 50 vs 313 and 179 with an RSI under 50 vs 189 last week.

Here's the big loser's this week, I guess KSS is NOT so simple, kind of disconcerting to see KSU on the list, I guess Kansas is not shipping much corn these days, I mentioned WYNN last week as it appears Macau is not wynn-ing much, DD didn't exactly paint the town red....... I think I'll quit while I'm NOT ahead...............................

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