Saturday, May 02, 2015


Commodities, for the most part, led my 76 markets this week, with UNG up 7.87% and USO 3.71%, SLV was up 2.72% and GLD was just barely positive at .03%, but that was enough to kick the GDX up 4.71%, all of which joined forces to make XLB the leading sector for the week, up 1.97%.
HOWEVER, this market led all markets this week:

FinViz does not have a ticker symbol for it so it's not on my list, but the ten year yields were up 10.43% this week as Mr. Market seems to be giving the FED an involuntary interest rate hike of it's own, which explains why:

TLT was our biggest major market loser this week, down 3.93%, which also explains IYR clocking in at -2.88% and XHB down 1.95%, but the "risk on" market also seems to hate higher rates as well:

That would be the little guys, IWM, down 3.09%, breaking down out of a bearish rising wedge, and also a bollinger band squeeze that triggered to the down side, "usually" you get about an eight bar move or so after the BBSqueeze triggers, but in this FED manipulated era that's only to the UPSIDE, so I have no idea how long the move may last when it goes against the FED mandated direction. It only moved about half as much as the other majors on Friday so it's "relatively" weak, our big winner on the week was the DIA, "only" down .35%, then SPY at .44%, with the Nas-DOGS in third place, QQQ down 1.35%. Nothing changed on the "breath" indicators from Thursday, $NYSI and $NYMO still going down while the $NYAD did hook up a little but is still on a sell signal.
Only 8 out of the 76 markets closed on a 20 day high this week vs 24 last week, with 7 on a 20 day low vs 5, 57 closed on a golden cross, 20 SMA above 50 SMA, vs 49 last week. 82 NYSE stocks closed on a PSAR buy this week vs 147 last week, and 119 closed on a PSAR sell signal vs 86, 45 closed on new 52 week highs vs 160 last week, and 28 on new lows vs 17.

A lot of oil names in the big wiener's list in the S and P this week, in fact the top 7 were all oil related accept for the "winner", GNW, that gapped up off of earnings and then just sat there, going from $8 to $9.

Those of you that have followed my site for almost ten years now know I love to trade AA and BAC, I know exactly what they do and there's "probably" a decent chance neither one will go broke any time soon. AA actually showed up on the list this week in the 15 spot, up 7.03%, as they jumped 5% off of an ANAL-yst upgrade, typical Wall Street bull shit as they went down off of their earnings but go up because some one who works for a completely unbiased brokerage firm says don't believe what the company says, hahahahahahahahahaha............... wad ever.
The reason I mention them is that they have both broken higher off of big BBSqueeze's and moved above their prior swing highs and, COULD, walk up the upper bollinger band higher in the coming days.
And speaking of "Squeezes".................

The XLF has a BBSqueeze working on both the daily AND weekly charts, truly, a huge move is likely coming.

Here's the big loser's this week, some pretty interesting names on it, WYNN and the other casino's got ripped as I guess the Chinese are spending so much money on margin debt for their stock markets they have none left to gamble on the tables with, COH, FSLR, HUM WHR, CHRW, AMAT, JEC, MAT, LLL, CELG, all big names that were lower this week, which, if you ask ME (you DIDN'T), seems a little, aaaaahhhhhhh, troubling.
11 stocks closed at 52 week highs vs 18 last week, ZERO at lows vs 1 last week, 47 closed at 20 day highs vs 69 last week, 35 at lows vs 26 last week, 281 closed on a golden cross vs 259 last week, ZERO closed with an RSI 14 above 80 and ZERO closed at an RSI under 20, so we were neither a momentum chaser nor a value buyer this week, 249 closed with an RSI above 50 vs 284 last week and 253 had an RSI under 50 vs 218 last week.

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