Friday, April 10, 2015


Despite all the yelling and screaming all the SPY has done is rally right up into resistance, under the down trend line. Of course, despite all MY yelling and screaming, I have NO DOUBT that we break over that high, into previously unseen heights.

Helping the Bull's cause is the weekly chart, it's still on a "BBSqueeze" and has triggered a buy signal, in the red circle. It has the same down trend line above it as resistance, but once it breaks that it should get up and start walking the upper bollinger band.
Naturally, all the breath indicators are on buys signals.

An unusual even happened in my 76 markets this week, one of them got over bought with an RSI 14 reading above 80, but first I want to show the chart of what I am involved with, VWO:

It was down in sixth place on the winner's list as it, ONLY, went up 4.14% on the week, in back of EWH, OIH, and USO, it's very over bought on the "indicators", which we all know can stay that way and get MORE over bought, one over bought indicator that I thought was pretty amazing was that it closed outside the upper bollinger band for the last six days, being the genius I am I sold half after it was outside them for four days, I thought that was pretty wild until I saw this:

That's this week's leader, FXI, which has closed outside the upper bollinger for the last nine days.
I've seen the pictures of the street vendors acting as brokers and selling stock over there in China, hahahahahahaha, I could say some thing here but I won't...............
Our best major for the week was the Nas-DOGS, QQQ up a measly 2.50%, followed by SPY at 1.74%, then DIA at 1.71%, with the little guys barely finishing higher on the week at .78%, surprising as they have been leading and every one and their brother's uncle expected them to break out.
Only 6 markets closed at a 20 day high vs 17 last week, 3 on a 20 day low vs 2, 39 finished with a golden cross, 20 sma above the 50 sma, vs 31 last week.
One weird note today is that GDX, SLV, GLD, USO, TLT, SPY and the dollar all finished higher, hahahahahahaha................. I wonder how often that happens, the buck also finished higher on the week, 1.97%, putting on a huge bullish engulfing bar, to join USO and GLD, at least SLV and TLT were lower on the week.

Here's the big loser's for the week, IYR, XHB, and TLT were "probably" down due to 10 year yields rising 2.47% on the week, finishing at 1.951%, still EXTREMELY low, IMHO that is.

Here's the big winner's in the S and P 500 this week, kinda funny to see GE on the list, lots of energy names as oil defied the dollar.
27 stocks finished at 52 wk highs vs 20 last week, 0 at 52 wk lows vs 3 last week, 87 at 20 day highs vs 47, 7 at lows vs 22, 286 closed with a golden cross vs 277, 2 finished with an RSI 14 above 80, GE and PRGO, ZERO with an RSI below 20, 347 finished with their RSI above 50 vs 274 last week, 155 with an RSI below 50 vs 228, 121 stocks on the NYSE finished on a PSAR buy signal vs 116 last week, 71 on a PSAR sell vs 45, strange that they were BOTH higher than last week, 141 finished on new highs vs 133 and 14 on new lows vs 10 last week.

Here's the big loser's for the week, one name not on the list is AA as it finished higher by ONE CENT this week, it dropped 3.8% the last two days after it BEAT earnings and reported a PROFIT of 26 cents a share, I told the dumb bastards NOT to do that, that they needed to report another TWO BILLION dollar loss so the stock would go to Da Stinking MOOOOONNNNN, but no, they hada report a fricking profit, sigh, wad ever, there's always next quarter.............


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