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said the trader that paid $120.50 for the QQQ in 2000...................

I'm showing the $COMP this week mainly to congratulate those of you who have held on for 15 years, you deserve to yell and scream and celebrate the new ATH's with Bubblevision. This had a very clear move higher at the red line on the left, and if we project an "EQUAL MOVE" scenario on it we get a "target" price of "POSSIBLY" $5430, around that area, maybe........
ANYWAY, Twitter was yelling and screaming about the "DIVERGENCES" in the AD's, IE, the same thing was happening as what happened in 2000 and 2007 where we make new highs but the AD's do not, well, here's what I see:

I use the "CUMULATIVE" AD's, always have and always will, and, NO, they made a new ATH with the index, although it is kind of bad in that we went down on the new ATH on Friday. We won't have a problem until we make ATH's and the AD's do NOT, then, yea, it might be bad..............
Maybe the screamers are looking at this:

And yes, the divergence is true on the NON cumulative $NAAD's, we made the high's on Tuesday at the blue arrow on the top chart and have been lower ever since.
I don't use this kind of "noisy" data, but it is wad it is, so use it as you will.

The SPY is interesting, it DIDN'T close at ATH's, those were back at the red arrow at the start of March, we only missed by a few cents, we also have an "EQUAL MOVE" scenario on it that "COULD" point to $224, BUTT, it needs to go NOW, that is, start walking up the bollinger bands higher right away, as it put on a Hanging Man doji candle Friday and if we open lower Monday and leave it behind it would be the infamous Abandoned Baby or Island reversal candle, just like last week, which of course didn't work.

EWZ led my 76 markets higher this week, up 7.65%, I "THINK" because PBR made news about the mess it's been, wad ever, our best major was right there in fourth place, QQQ up 4.27%, all because of one stock of course, well, actually maybe three, next week will be the same thing as AAPL reports on the 27th, China and Russia continue to fly, both up over 3%, even the IYT showed up, up 2.71%, although it is still not close to confirming the highs in the DIA made on March 2, so the "DOW Theory" worriers are still, ahhhhhhh, worrying. SPY was second in our majors, up 1.78%, DIA 1.46%, and the "RISK ON" little guys came in last, IWM up 1.15%.

There was 18 loser's, all the inverse funds with QID getting slaughtered, India was down big, EPI down 5.21%, UNG, SLV and GLD came in next with GDX following a few spots down, and bonds were down, TLT down 1.81%. Oil was down, USO down .86%, which is strange because of the oil countries flying higher, but I don't try to explain "strange" in the market these days.
24 markets finished at a 20 day high this week vs 1 last week, 5 were at 20 day lows vs 3, and 49 finished with a golden cross, 20 SMA above 50 SMA, vs 48 last week, 147 NYSE stocks closed on a PSAR buy signal vs 18 last week, big jump there, 86 closed on a sell signal vs 362 last week, 160 closed on new highs vs 34 last week, and 17 on new lows vs 7.

AMZN was the beeeg wiener in the S and P 500 this week, up 18.52%, this off of a LOSS of 12 cents vs a PROFIT of 23 cents last year and 45 cents last quarter, I think revenue's increased, but I fail to see how it's GOOD when increasing revenue leads to losses, but, wad ever, it just gives the perma bears some thing to yell and scream about in comparing the new highs to 2000, and by the way, AMZN gets it in the "Costanza" market, where BAD is really GOOD. MSFT, JNPR, SBUX, GOOG all joined the 2000 brigade in leading the Nas-DOGS higher this week, not to mention the S and P.
Speaking of the S and P only 18 closed at 52 wk highs vs 2 last week, I thought by the strength of the Bubblevision scream-O-meter the number would be much higher, only one closed at a new low, XRX, which I wouldn't even remotely consider looking at until they get rid of that stinking CEO, in fact, I don't even remember what XRX does, what a piece of crap. 69 stocks closed at 20 day highs vs 9 last week, 26 at lows vs 102, 259 on a golden cross vs 282, a little strange on that one, 2 closed with an RSI 14 above 80 vs 1 last week, MAT and AMZN, ZERO closed with an RSI below 20, for the umpteenth week in a row, 284 closed with an RSI above 50 vs 186 last week, 218 were under 50 vs 316.

Here's the loser's in the S and P, it sure seems to me that the oil stocks over reacted to the little drop in USO this week, but what do I know, semi's were not looking good, which kind of flys in the face of ATH's in the Nas-DOGS, but, again, what do I know, a couple of surprises, IMHO, are HOG and HSY, with MMM just missing this list, all off of earnings misses, CMG joined that consumer bunch.

I have to laugh when I write this crap because I actually had another good week, hahahahaha, I'd hate to think how bad my attitude would be off of a BAD week.
I had AKS in options and had sold out on that big bar outside the bollingers from eight days ago, got screwed on the fake out five days ago, then reloaded again on Thursday and got out on the big pump on Friday, I may try this again some time.

I only mentioned AKS because I am OUT of VALE, which I will look to get back into again on a PULL BACK like AKS had, maybe all the way back to $6, but of course I risk it just continuing to blow up, but I have to sell with the thing running up into resistance at $8 and being so far above the upper bollingers for three days.
I also mention these two because they make me DISGUSTED with myself, I took them off of ZERO patterns, sigh, although AKS had a little cup and handle I bet on, I took VALE based on a huge June $7 call buy made by some big player, I figured if it was good enough for him it was good enough for me, DOUBLE SIGH, I just don't do stuff like that, but I've been doing it lately, TRIPLE SIGH!!
Wad ever, let me show you my LATEST wonderful little buy:

Hahahahahahahahaha............... wonderful, "PATTERN", isn't it!!!
I bought the June 5's, sigh, to limit my risk of course, the actual "PATTERN" is that ACI was up 4%............................. I mean, BTU is such a better company than ACI it just HAS to go higher, right??................................ RIGHT?????
It can't possible go any lower.............right??.......................RIGHT????

I've said this a million times, and I'll say it a million more times, that is, you risk ONE "R" to make THREE "R", with "R" being your INITIAL stop, and luckily I don't have to write it out, Mark Dow already did:

The new NORMAL in the NEW MARKET:

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