Thursday, April 30, 2015

The $NYAD, $NYMO and $NYSI all closed on SELL SIGNALS today, I have no opinion on the next move in the markets, I'm just reporting the facts as given to me, personally it's a caution flag. The $NYAD's have NO divergence in them like in 2000 and 2007, the $NYSI and $NYMO have made a lower high while the market made it's new highs.
One REALLY bad thing for the markets is this:

The $TRIN closed at eighty stinking eight, .88, I mean, there was absolutely NO FEAR in the markets on this big down day, in, NORMAL, times, this would not be good, but these are not normal times and who knows what that stinking FED will do.
One "possibly" GOOD thing is this:

My market monitor has not registered such lousy DOWN numbers as we've had the last couple of days since March 26th, the red arrow on the top chart, which was the, quote, "BOTTOM", in that pull back.
My personal opinion is we need MORE pull back, especially with the sentiment so "buy the dippish" type stuff.
Good luck to you.

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