Friday, March 27, 2015


I have the Q's on there as they are pretty typical, basically it's a failed break out of the prior high and it made a lower high on the last high. The red box shows the BBSqueeze increasing momentum on the sell signal plus the WoodiesCCI has been on a three day sell signal. What, MIGHT, happen here is a "KNEE KICK", where we get the big drop on Wednesday, we bounce for two or three days, then resume the down trend, probably on an "Equal Move", which might be targeting the 200 MA around 100.

Tlhe $NYAD's, $NYSI and $NYMO are all on sell signals, but they are very weak signals and subject to a whip saw on any kind of up day next week.

USO made a surprise showing this week as the big winner of the non-inverse funds in my 76 markets, up 4.32%, all the first page winner's were foreign markets, besides OIH the only other domestic market that was a winner was JUNK, JNK up a massive .03%, which pretty much sums up the week.

This is a list of markets that are leading YTD,  as the quarter ends on Tuesday this might change but I won't be around. In a SHOCKING upset Putin was the big winner, RSX up 13.60%, followed by Japan, EWJ 13.26%, and then Ireland in third, EIRL up 10.17%. You have to go clear down to the bottom of the list for our first major market winner, which is BONDS, TLT up 4.50%, XHB was our best sector, up 6.10%. Our best stock market was IWM, up 2.91%, then the Nas-DOGS, QQQ up 2.20%, SPY up .54%, and the big dog DIA's basically flat at minus .07%.
For the week 2 markets closed with 20 day highs vs 14 last week, and 1 at lows vs 1 last week, 38 closed with a golden cross, 20 SMA above 50 SMA, vs 44 last week, 45 NYSE stocks closed with a PSAR buy signal vs 278 last week, 119 on sell vs 12 last week, 51 closed at 52 wk highs vs 365 last week, and 24 on new lows vs 31, pretty weak stats compared to last week and much weaker compared to two weeks ago.

The loser's this week were every one other than the ones on that upper table, the transports got slaughtered on the higher oil I guess, IYT down 5.08% on the week, I didn't know that Semiconductors used oil, hahahahaha, SMH down 4.07%, I guess IYR was down 3.60% because the 30 year yield increased to a MASSIVE 2.527%, up 1% on the week, speaking of UUP it was DOWN this week, not much, but I thought all the market weakness was supposed to be because of the dollar going HIGHER?? The Q's were the big winner on our loser's list, down 2.77%, actually XLF was but I won't talk about them for personal reasons, hahahaha..... sigh, DIA AND IWM were both down 2.29%, kind of strange as most market mavens claim that one will ALWAYS outperform the other, wad ever, SPY was the big winner, ONLY down 2.22%.

Here's the loser's for the YTD, this should be saying a LOT to retail investor's about what an absolutely HORRIBLE "investment" VXX is, as it is the leader at minus 18.31% YTD, god, what a piece of crap, I mean the SPY and DIA are basically flat and this thing got killed. Most of the typical stuff we've seen on the losers list all there are on that list, USO, TUR, XME, DBA, FXE, UNG, IYT is actually a LATE entry and that entire loss for the year was this week.

Here's the winner's for the week, at top, and YTD in the S and P 500, the one that really surprised me YTD was FSLR, as I was thinking was a piece of junk that thing was, what I had been thinking was the PRIOR performance, hahahahaha, and I was right in a sense, it actually lost 45% last September into the second trading day of the year, and then rallied out after that, totally missed it, but once it proved such a piece of shit it totally left any of my lists and my mind.

And here's the loser's for the week at the top and YTD on the bottom,  25% of that 33.83% loss in SNDK was this week, mostly composed of the expected energy names with a few surprises like MU, HPQ, AA, STX, PVH, TIF, they will probably be the leaders in the next quarter, like I said last week AA as to stop making money and go back to losing a couple of billion, hahahahaha........

Nice job by "StockSpotter" this week, , 220 winners with 42 loser's, I personally don't know what to do with it though as 262 trades is WAY out of my ball park, and if I cherry pick I will undoubtedly only pick the 42 LOSER's, sigh, but wad ever, it's pretty useful tool to keep track of. 

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