Sunday, March 15, 2015


The IWM is the only major that is working on a "Squeeze", in the red circle, the "Squeeze" doesn't give the direction, it just says that a big move is coming, the Woodies CCI under that is saying the move will be down, but I'm not counting on it with that bar we had today, where we sold off hard, under yesterday's open, and then rallied into the close.

The SPY is typical for the other majors, it didn't have a Squeeze but it has triggered a sell signal on the Squeeze bar with a confirmation from Woodies. This has a pretty obvious "Equal Move" scenario setting up on it, if it can break lower than Wednesday's low the "move" points to the 200 DMA at $200.
That's if we go down of course.

The $NYAD's had a little blip on the big up day on Thursday but maintained the sell signal and turned back down today.

The $NYHL's have been in a strong up trend since December but have just barely given a new sell signal, the last time this triggered was the September-October pull back and again in December. It's a very weak signal right now and any up day on Monday will negate it.

My "Market Monitor" did some thing a little strange on Friday, the number of stocks up higher than 4% INCREASED on Friday, from 281 to 354, while the number DOWN 4% decreased from 561 to 436, this is out of 2900+ stocks. In the past, this has not boded well in the short term for the Bear's, or the Bull's in the opposite case.

Here's the big winner's in my 76 markets this week, the top two are inverse funds, then we have our major market winner, bonds, TLT up 2.61%, then our best sector which was real estate, IYR up 1.82%, as they loved the lower interest rates. IWM showed up on the list, up 1.19%, none of the other majors were on the first page, in fact none of the other majors were UP on the week, DIA was next, down .47%, then SPY at minus .81%, with the QQQ's bringing up the rear at minus 1.93%, quite an under performance by the Nas-DOGS! A couple of notable mentions on the list include EWJ and EIRL, they are up 11.03% and 8.13% YTD, I mention this because one of the major financial news papers ran a big article about how Germany was just blowing every other Country away this year, hahahahahahaha, EWG shows 6.49% on that page, although I could be wrong, typical dumb shit financial "news" papers.

Here's the top 20 winner's in the loser's list of my 76 markets, 56 of them were lower on the week, the REALLY big winner was Brazil, down 8.21%, they haven't seen a "2" as their first number since 2008, they closed thiws week at $29.31, the big difference between now and 2008 of course is that they topped at $70+ in 2011 and it's taken four years to get to this point, while back in 2008 it took five MONTHS to go from $80 to $29, I'm "SURE" they are probably close to a bottom, really......... HONEST! I guess oil is a big part of the problem, as USO was down 7.89% and took RSX and OIH down with it, although we are the third biggest producers in the world and we didn't go down, much.........., it's amazing what a little financial "engineering" can do for your stock markets.
Only three markets closed on a 20 day high vs 2 last week, the only non inverse fund on the list was EWJ, 30 closed at 20 day lows vs 24 last week, and 55 closed on a golden cross, 20 ma above 50 ma, vs 60 last week. 98 NYSE stocks closed with a PSAR buy signal vs 85 last week, 63 on sell signals vs 419 last week, another one of those divergences to go with the 4% up and down, 84 closed on a 52 wk high vs 57 last week, and 117 on a 52 wk low vs 58 last week.

Here's the big winner's in the S and P 500 for the week, URBN won this week off of good earnings.
22 S and P stocks finished on 52 wk highs vs 14 last week, 17 on lows vs 4, 33 on 20 day highs vs 39 and 105 on lows vs 118, 364 closed on a golden cross vs 360 last week, 2 closed with an RSI 14 above 80, HSP and URBN, ZERO with an RSI below 20, another bonanza for us slimy bottom fishers, 202 closed with their RSI above 50 vs 230 and 300 with their RSI below 50 vs 272 last week.

AVP led the list of S and P loser's this week, I'll say it, SOME ONE SHOULD PUT SOME LIP STICK ON THAT PIG! Another pig is RIG, as the bottom continues to be elusive, oil must not have been to kind to energy as I see a LOT of them on the list, one NOT expected to be on the list was Inkey, INTC, another was AA, down over 6%, which is REALLY strange for if you remember they lost over 2 BBBBILLION dollars at the start of the year in 2014 and promptly went on a fricking MOOOOOOOOOOOOOON...... SHOT..... and now they are MAKING money and.... well...... go figure, like I said, ain't financial "engineering" great stuff. By the way, they GAPPED down this week under $14, the chart looks lousy, here, I'll show it to you:

If they don't STOP making money and don't report another two billion dollar loss this next earning report they could be in deep Doo Doo!

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