Monday, March 09, 2015


Ha.....ha.....ha...... I think that is hilllllllllllllll....larious! Ya know, before I even saw the chart my first thought was, well, shades of 2007 and the "GREEN SHOOTS" boyz on Bubblevision!

First off, a "RANT", blame it on the HFT's, the "Dark Pools", or wad ever other shit you want to blame it on that the A-hole SEC let's get away with this, but it seems like I see it all the time now. I took the bottom picture about 11:30 AM ET, at the time the SPY was on the lows of the day down about 16 SPX handles, the VIX was up 7%, and the MF'ing $TRIN had actually gone DOWN to it's lows of the day at 59, I mean, like the FUKING market was UP 16 fricking handles!!! In the old days the TRIN would have been over 1.50!! The TICK's had also actually gone UP for 5 bar's in a row, I mean, this, USED, to be like a physical impossibility, but not any more, sigh, wad ever, I mean, it don't mean any thing, udder dan I can't use the information any more as it's absolutely fricking WORTHLESS!! It just bugs the shit out of me.

I said last week that if we got under that big bar at the blue line that it could be, "BAD", well, it was bad, but I SERIOUSLY doubt it means a damn thing, and it would not surprise me in the least if we gap up 200 DOW points on Monday, wad ever, we do have some support coming in at the 50 DMA around $206 that we could hit, that is, if Grandma Yellin doesn't panic and pump a few trillion dollars into Goldman and JPM and MS and BAML Sunday night with orders to buy the shit out of the futures!

The $NYSI, the $NYMO and the $NYAD's are all on SELL signals now, I was going to post this on Thursday night as the $NYAD's had triggered off a new SELL signal, but in a highly unusual situation (what else is new these days??) the $NYSI and $NYMO had NOT triggered, the $NYSI, USUALLY, triggers BEFORE the $NYAD's, USUALLY meaning "in prior years".

On to the boring stuff:

Only 9 of my 76 markets were higher this week, and four of those were inverse funds, I'm not sure if that's a record LOW or not, plus there's a weird one on there as StockCharts says the XLF closed DOWN 12 cents for the week and closed at $24.23 while FinVIZ says it closed at $24.52, some thing obviously is wrong there. Anyway, it would have still been the best sector this week, our best major was on that sheet, the NasDOGS only down .91%, followed by IWM down 1.15%, then the SPY at 1.50%, with the Big Dogs being the Mangy Dogs this week, DIA down 1.54%, you should actually mark this down as a MAJOR point in HISTORY, for when they put AAPL in the DOW I doubt if the DIA will ever bring up the rear again, and maybe they will NEVER be DOWN AGAIN!!! It's amazing, ain't it, I mean they've had decades to put them in the DOW and they choose to do so at an ATH, I mean, I don't doubt it can or will continue to go higher, I just can't figure out why they waited so long.

The loser's were LEGION of course, but none were more LEGION than GDX, down 12.69% on the week as the dollar was up 2.46% on the week at $97.67, on it's way to $100 and parity with the EURO, here's a nice little weekly chart of the DOT.COM'ER, hahahahahahahaha...........

We actually had it pretty good this week, we could have been EWZ or TUR, both down over 9%, China was down 5.71%, bonds got slaughtered, TLT down 4.47%, half of that after the payroll report, another interest rate sensitive one, XLU, was down 4.07%, EEM and VWO got hit for about 3.7%, just good stuff it was.
Only 1 markets closed on a 20 day high, ERY, vs 11 last week, 24 closed at 20 day lows vs 4, 60 closed with a golden cross, 20 SMA above 50 SMA, vs 58, 85 NYSE stocks closed with PSAR buy signals vs 68 last week, 419 were on PSAR sell signals vs 136 last week, 57 closed at 52 wk highs vs 161 last week and 58 at 52 wk lows vs 33.

GME was the big wiener in the S and P 500 this week, up 8.63%, but the REALLY big WIENER was FIDELITY, BAC is down at number 19 and I tried to sell the $16.50 calls that expire next week at .35 cents this morning, and I swear, SWEAR, I was watching my Interactive Broker platform and their was over contracts bidding at .35 when I hit the button, and they didn't fill me, sigh, usually they are pretty good about that, I can't believe I may have hit the button when the whole stinking market decided to collapse........

Like I said last week, I ain't interested in doing any bottom feeding with the markets so over bought, but I have to admit I'm intrigued with those top three loser's, NEM, JOY and FCX, although they are EXTREMELY "catch a falling knife" types.
14 S and P 500 stocks closed on 52 wk highs vs 28 last week, 4 on 52 wk lows vs 2, they were CNP, ESV, RL and XOM, and I am DEFINITELY interested in XOM, 39 stocks closed at 20 day highs vs 64, 118 at 20 day lows vs 18, 360 on a golden cross vs 339, 2 closed with an RSI 14 ABOVE 80, HSP and VMC, and there's still ZERO that closed with an RSI UNDER 20, it's been since January 30 since any stocks in the S and P closed with an RSI under 20, just a bottom fisher's stinking delight, it is, 230 stocks closed with an RSI above 50 vs 321 last week, a big drop, and 272 closed with an RSI below 50 vs 181 last week.

Why Expectations for Future Global Business Activity are Plunging
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By Elliott Wave International
In its November issue, published on Oct. 31, EWI's European Financial Forecast discussed the plunging 5-year/5-year forward swap, a market-based gauge that measures inflation expectations from five years to 10 years out, and stated, "Even the central bank's preferred inflation metric shows nothing but flat or falling prices over the foreseeable future." In November, a "sharp deterioration in sentiment" (WSJ, 11/17/14) popped up in the economic surveys. Read more.


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