Monday, February 16, 2015


Hahahahahahahaha.......................HAH! The S and P futures just dropped about 8 handles on these headlines as puked out by Dan Greenhaus:

Funny stuff, it is. 

Speaking of "Twitter" fun, it's just un-fricking-believable how these two diametrically opposed tweets could be almost right next to each other:

I just fail to see how new ALL TIME LOWS in the Baltic Dry index leads to new ALL TIME HIGHS in the $SPX, but, hey, what the  shit do I know. The wonders of Central Bank magic I guess.

I, "THINK", these are two plausible scenarios for USO and oil, we break over the resistance and then come back to "test" it, OR, we pull back to the prior low from last week and then blast up through the resistance. 
OF COURSE, both scenarios involve a "PULL BACK", and in my case at least, the markets NEVER pull back when I'm waiting for them to do so. Wad ever, maybe I'll get lucky for once. 

I like this, a very nice article on how to buy ALL TIME HIGHS using a diagonal option spread, . It kind of cracks me up as I think the example is TERRIBLE, for as the equity goes up the shorter term SOLD 100 call is going to murder the longer term 105 call, wad ever. I just had that happen in "X" last week, as I had a longer term $24 call and sold a weekly $25 call against it, and the damn stock went to da stinking moon (as it ALWAYS does when I don't particularly want it to, hahahahaha), and the delta on the shorter term sold call will a lot of times be faster than the longer term, eating into your profits a little. 

I deleted some old members and added some new ones to "my blog list" on the right side of the page, check out "Principled Markets",, he's got a nice weekly up date and LOT's of trading ideas for the new week, although I don't agree with ANY of them, hahahahahahaha, but that's just me. I actually picked up on him when twitter sent him through as a recommendation based on my views, @M5amhan, I had to crack up as he has over 12,000 TWEETS, so I figured he has a lot to say about some thing. 

John Carter, the only guy that I've actually seen make a million bucks in the market in one year, says the market is about to go into it's, "SPECULATIVE", stage, AKA 1999 Nas-DOG style,  .

I've turned over a new leaf and abandoned my old worry wart ways and decided to only post POSITIVE items about the stock market:

The S and P 500 made a NEW HIGH this week, in VALUATION that is, as it managed to surpass the CAPE P/E from 2007 and, at 27.54, became the THIRD MOST OVERVALUED MARKET IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES, WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is GREAT news of course, as the retail investors don't really start to buy into the markets until they start hitting RECORD OVER VALUATIONS, so we should be expecting a FLOOD of new money into the markets!!

The Nas-DOGS have been leading the market higher, which is GREAT NEWS, one reason being that the Nas-DOGS create GREAT technical marvels like Facebook so XXX XXXX's can talk about themselves, PLUS, it gives us charts like the following:

This is what the Nas-DOGS did in 2000 and 2007 prior to the crash's, that is, the A/D's diverged against price, which is GREAT NEWS, as it will probably embolden the Old Timer's who have seen this story before to SHORT the market, giving Goldman and JPM, using FED money, the opportunity to squeeze the SHIT out of them, and drive the markets to new unheard of levels, WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO!!

You should NOTE that the REALLY important A/D's, the $NYAD's and the $NYSI, remain on SOLID buy signals, which REALLY is good news, for the bulls that is.

The Bullish percent of the Nas-DOGS is confirming the same thing as the $NAAD's, as they are diverging from the highs made at the start of the year, which you would expect, HOWEVER, one thing I didn't expect was the following:

The Bullish percent on the S and P 500 is doing the SAME thing, which really freaks me out MAAAAAANNNNN, but, this is GREAT NEWS, as it will probably just sucker those Old Timer's into trying to short the market even MORE, WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! The red box is just to point out how we did the same thing last fall when the market made new highs in December but the bullish percent did not confirm, which led to the little pull back into the first of the year. 
And here's one that REALLY freaked me out, MAAAANNNNNNN......

The bullish percent for the BIG INDEX, the $NYSE, actually broke HIGHER over the highs from the start of the year, leading both the SPY and Nas-DOGS, weird stuff, it is..................

SOOOO, let's get to the boring stats, PUTIN kicked absolute ass in my 76 markets this week, RSX up 10.47%, leading even the XIV, our best industry was the SMH, up 4.58%, our best major market was not far behind, which would be those diverging Nas-DOGS, QQQ up 3.67%, both XME and XLB had very nice weeks, up 3.96 and 3.04%, our next best major was the SPY, 2.06%, IWM 1.44%, with the DIA being the DOGS, ONLY up 1.26% on the week.

Not many loser's this week, a few inverse funds and then we hit those "SAFE" sectors, AGAIN, this week, XLU down 2.99% followed directly by TLT at -2.12%, GLD was down, GDX was DOWN, but SLV was UP 3.18%, REALLY, strange stuff. 
34 of the 76 markets closed at 20 day highs this week vs 14 last week, 7 at 20 day lows vs, 5, 47 finished with a golden cross, 20 SMA above 50 SMA, vs 32 last week, 117 NYSE stocks finished with PSAR buy signals vs 132 last week, 36 with PSAR sells vs 148, 288 at new 52 wk HIGHS vs 180 last week, 21 at new 52 wk LOWS vs 22 last week. 

This is the top 20 winner's in the S and P this week, and I have to say that this is "probably" the LOWEST percentage gain of the top two or three stocks that I've ever seen in the weekly stats, with VRTX the winner at 4.6%.
78 stocks closed at 52 wk HIGHS vs 49 last week, 1 closed at a 52 wk LOW, and I'll give you 502 guesses as to who it was.......................................give up?????......................... AXP, wow, that freaked me out (I get freaked out pretty easily}, 2 were at a low last week, 198 closed at 20 day highs vs 118 and 37 at 20 day lows vs 28, 262 closed on a golden cross vs 232 last week, for all you Bear Call sellers 7 stocks closed with an RSI 14 ABOVE 80, they were EFX, FTR, HSP, KR, MLM, VLO and VMC, and for all you BULL PUT sellers exactly, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh........ ZERO, closed with an RSI UNDER 20, not a great situation for slimy bottom fishers like me.

Speaking of slimy bottom fisher's here's the loser's for the week, I guess it should be no surprise that AXP was the BIG WIENER! I have NO DESIRE to be a bottom fisher on these things, for if they are going down in an UP market what in the hell are they going to do should Grandma Yellin ever let the markets go DOWN????
There's some tempting names on there to, like, well, AXP, TAP, K, KRFT, stuff like that MAAAAANNNNNNN...............................

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