Monday, February 09, 2015


Hahahahahaha, read this weekly update by the "Northman", SOME THING BIG IS COMING, it cracks me up when he starts off his chart analysis with "THERE WAS A TIME WHEN.........", hahahahaha, sounds like some other jaded individual I know of. 
By the by, I'm wondering when "The Stock Trader's Almanac" is going to go back through their decades of work and completely REVERSE all of their "ISM's" that they based their trading systems and predictions on, like the January effect and that kind of stuff. 

In the days of Yore before the massive open manipulation of the markets by the FED's, back in the days when people actually refused to believe there was such a thing called the "PPT" (Plunge Protection Team), back in the days when people actually believed the SEC was there to protect the little guy, I would say things about that chart of the NasDOGS like, WOW, what an ugly looking chart, and what an UGGGGILLY looking bar today, and like, WOW, this sure looks like it's going back down to the bottom of that down trend channel. But, HEY, I can't say that any more, and if Grandma Yellin panic's because of this MASSIVE down day, it wouldn't surprise me that we completely gap over the top of the channel on Monday, after Da Boyz on Da Street get done with their over night play ground in the futures market.
Wad ever. It's funny, but several of the majors almost took out the ENTIRE month of January this week, like RSP, DIA, IWM, this after all the "OLD SCHOOLERS" talking about the DOWN January effect, hahahahahahaha, like any of that matters any more, hell, we had one last year and gained like 11%, plus we did an even WORSE "Old School" thing, and took out the December lows, LA DE DA, tip toe through the tulips baby.


That's my two cents about why in the HELL cereal prices at the grocery store has not changed. 

Here's the top 20 winner's in my 76 markets I keep track of every week, Putin was the big wiener this week, with RSX up 11.76%, the reason for the rise is right under RSX, with USO up 9.26% on the week, nothing like a little cash in the treasury to get a pop from inwestor's. Hell, even the industrial metals popped this week, XME up 6.23%, which was just ahead of the XLF which popped today on the back of the good payroll number in the hopes that the dumb bastards will get off their asses and borrow some fricking money!!!! GO INTO HOCK PEOPLE!!!
Trader's were so excited this week they made the stoogie old DIA our best major market, up 3.87%, followed by the little guys, IWM, at 3.55%, then the SPY at 3.06%, and bringing up the rear was the risky NasDOGS, QQQ up "only" 2.04%, or about 102% a year.

Despite today there weren't a lot of loser's this week, 17 to be exact, with TUR the leader at -5.32%, followed closely by bonds, TLT -5.10%, and then any thing "precious", like GDX, down 4.31%, all of it today as they were down 5.54%. I notice the "safe" sector made this list, XLU down 3.64%, which I think is hilarious as the dividend is only 3.31%, so let's see, hmmmmm, pile into these sectors with those MASSIVE dividends, just to see it evaporate in one week. Of course, the stock is still up 24.66% over the last year, which just slaughtered the SPY, and was within a couple of percentage points of TLT.
14 markets closed at 20 day highs this week vs 5 last week, 5 at 20 day lows vs 7, 32 finished with a golden cross, 20 SMA over 50 SMA, vs 24 last week, 132 stocks on the NYSE finished with a PSAR buy signal vs 73 last week, 148 on PSAR sell vs 242, 180 finished at new 52 wk highs vs 173, and 22 on new lows vs 101 last week.

Since PFE has NO market of their own they are spending HUNDREDS of billions to BUY a market, buying HSP this week, up 37.84 % to lead the S and P 500 this week. DNR came in second at 28.84% because, well, it's market was higher this week, oil, Ya know, this little stock has some half ass decent numbers, it actually MAKES money, although it's projected to make 44 cents/share next year vs the 1.02 last year, but, HEY, for $8.89 a share what do you expect??? DIS maybe???

And here's the beeg loser's on the week, I see no pattern in particular, unless you can see correlations in the business models of RL, EXPE, CMG, GILD, TDC, HCP, and PBI.
The SPY finished with 49 stocks at 52 wk highs vs 17 last week, 2 at 52 wk lows, AES and NOV, vs 9 last week, 118 were at 20 day highs vs 31, and 28 at 20 day lows vs 91, 232 closed with a golden cross vs 214 last week, 3 stocks closed with an RSI over 80, AMZN, HSP and KR, geeze, I guess KR has found the cure for cancer in food products!! ZERO stocks closed with an RSI under 20, so us slimy bottom fishing value inwestor's can go back to sleep, 327 stocks has an RSI above 50 vs 157 and 175 were below 50 vs 345 last week, big improvement.

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