Sunday, March 01, 2015


The SPY made a new RECORD Friday, having it's 9th gap DOWN in a row, which is an ALL TIME RECORD!!!!! Wooo hoooooo....
I find the market mildly interesting, it's continued on it's Costanza ways for if you look at the "Squeeze" signal in the red box the market, "SHOULD", have walked DOWN the lower bollinger, like it did at the October pull back, but it didn't, so, wad ever. The Woodies CCI has signaled a SELL the last two days, and we, MIGHT, come back to test the break out, BUTT, if you look at the big expansion bar at the red arrow it already DID test the break out point, so, who knows, I know I wouldn't even remotely consider shorting it unless it gets under the low of that bar, and even then it would probably end up being some kind of huge Bear trap as Da Boyz on Da Street gap the futures up about a thousand DOW points over night. Speaking of that big bar at the arrow I have no idea if their was any news that supposedly caused it, other than Factset came out and said the S and P is projected to have if first YOY DECLINE in earnings since 2009, which, in the Costanza tradition, would be enough to send it to Da moon.

I guess oil must have gone down this week because ERY was the BEG WIENER in my 76 markets this week, up 5.78%, GDX was third at 4.06%, and then came our best major market, bonds, TLT up 2.36%, which is almost exactly what their yearly yield is, which speaking of that, it was down almost that same amount last week. XLP and XLY were the only other sector markets on the first page, up .83 and .70%. Our next best major market was the IWM, up a whooping .16% on the week, followed by DIA at .03%, then the QQQ were down 1 peeny, or .01%, with the SPY bringing up the rear, down a devasating 58 cents, or .27%,
The 76 markets closed with 11 at 20 day highs vs 33 last week, and 4 at 20 day lows vs 4 last week, 58 closed on a golden cross, 20 DMA above 50 DMA, vs 60 last week. 68 NYSE stocks finished with PSAR buy signals vs 66 last week, and 68 on PSAR sell signals vs 66, 161 closed on 52 wk highs vs 90 last week and 33 closed at new 52 wk lows vs 19 last week.

These are the loser's this week, there were actually 40 loser's vs 36 winners this week, the BIG WIENER was UNG, eeeeeerrrrrr, loser, down 8.58%, thank you, I can use the break on my heating bills. You woulda thunk that the markets went to Da Stinking Moooooooooon this week, as VXX was down 4.93%, but such is the horrors of "investing" in that absolute POS! Oil was down on the week, USO -2.95%, XME was down 2.01%, which I only mention because SLV and GLD were both higher on the week, probably as a flight to safety along with bonds from the massive gains in the major indexes. XLI is noteable as it was down 1.15% vs the QQQ being flat, and even with oil down the IYT was down 1.05%, I don't know what Bubblevision had to say about the divergence between the two of them, I know they had been screaming about how GOOD it was for IYT before. IYR was down 1.04%, I guess because with interest rates lower on the week housing became more afforable, thus in keeping with the Costanza market make the IYR go lower.......................................

Here's the winner's in the S and P 500 this week, I hardly recognize any thing on the list other than MCD, the only reason I can find for MCD being up 5.91% on the week, other than they don't have to worry about those horrid earnings they posted for a while, is that ZACKS named them as their "BEAR OF THE DAY" on the 23rd, hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.......................... OBVIOUSLY, Zack's doesn't understand the word "Costanza"..................

The S and P closed with 28 stocks on 52 wk highs vs 84 last week, quite a loss in Mo Mo, only 2 on 52 wk LOWS, NRG and CNP, 64 at 20 day highs vs 137 last week, 18 on lows vs 15, 339 on a golden cross vs 321, 6 closed with an RSI 14 over 80, FSLR, HSP, KSS, MNST, ROST, VMC, and in continuing with slim pickens for slimy bottom fishers like me, NO, stocks closed with an RSI below 20, 321 closed with an RSI above 50 vs 393 last week, another loss of momentum, and 181 with an RSI below 50 vs 119 last week.

Here's the loser's for the week, some interesting names like DO, WYNN, HPQ, AA, RIG, CNX, but like I said last week, until we pull back to work off the over bought I'm not interested in buying the worst stocks in the index, unless of course Zack's names them as their BEAR OF THE DAY, hahahahahahahaha.................

If you get the RFD network you should watch "The American" Rodeo this Sunday, NOT because some dumb ass Wall Street firm is going to be paying one of them a million dollars, but because a Utah girl has made the championship in barrel racing, and she's paralyzed from the waist down, Amberley Snyder:

Why Expectations for Future Global Business Activity are Plunging
Enjoy an excerpt from "The State of the Global Markets 2015 Edition," a comprehensive report by Elliott Wave International
By Elliott Wave International
In its November issue, published on Oct. 31, EWI's European Financial Forecast discussed the plunging 5-year/5-year forward swap, a market-based gauge that measures inflation expectations from five years to 10 years out, and stated, "Even the central bank's preferred inflation metric shows nothing but flat or falling prices over the foreseeable future." In November, a "sharp deterioration in sentiment" (WSJ, 11/17/14) popped up in the economic surveys. Read more.


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