Monday, January 05, 2015


To no ones surprise the $NYAD's went on a SELL signal today, but to EVERY ONES surprise, especially ME:

The $NYSI did NOT go on a sell, and even stranger the $NYMO and $NYHL's did not go on sells, and even stranger and STRANGER, the $NYSE new highs actually went HIGHER today, with 116 new highs today compared to 86 Friday, and the $NYSE actually went down the MOST of the major indexes, 2.06% with the others all less than 2%! Such is life in the stock markets under the massive machinations of the FED!
  1. @bespokeinvest ? @sentimentrader ? RT @sharkbiotech: when was the last time market fell last 2 days and first 2 days of the year ?

  2.  Never for S and P 500 (2005 was oh so close). 3 times for Dow: 1910, 1980, 2005.

SPY sitting right on the lower trend line of the triangle from the October lows, this was taken at 9:30 MT this morning.

The NasDOGS have crashed through their trend line.

Here's another record coming to an end:


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