Monday, January 05, 2015


UH OH......
Hmmmmm, let me think now, biggest SINCE 2000, hhhmmmmm, what happened in 2000, hhhhmmmmm, I'm thinking about this.......................

The NasDOGS have made a lower high, the STOCH has just now issued a sell signal, dropping below the 80 mark, and the MACD is making a lower high and trying to drop below the ZERO level. On the GOOD side the Q's are in a wonderful triangle, which sets up your R/R very plainly, over those lower highs and it's bullish, under that lower trend line and it probably just encourages the BTD'ers, so I suppose both of them are bullish, sigh. 

Both the $NYAD and $NYSI remain on buy signals, although they've weakened a lot, the Cumulative $Tick above took a rather dramatic drop compared to the drop in the $NYA, the red trend line on the $NYA shows how it made a slightly lower high in November compared to September but the $Tick made a much higher high, the complete opposite of now. On the GOOD side is that even with the market weakness the last couple of days the $Tick has started to turn higher, a nice divergence, sooooooo..........

Showing how weak this past week was my market monitor only has 15 of the 76 markets I follow as higher, and four of them were inverse funds, GDX was by far the best market for the week, up 6.58%, followed by China, FXI, India, EPI, and then our best MAJOR market, TLT, up 2.72% for the week, almost more than it's massive yearly yield of 2.76%, hahahahahaha, stinking fricking FED!! Our best sector besides PM's was real estate, XHB and IYR up .60 and .40% respectively, probably because Robert Shiller went on Bubblevision and said the housing market was WEAK, hahahaha!

OBVIOUSLY, all the other markets were NEGATIVE on the week, our BEST major market for the week was IWM, "only" down .69%, followed by RSP, SPY, DIA, with the NasDOGS bringing up the rear, down a MASSIVE 1.3% on the week, of course every market drop of 60 over the last 15 years started with a down week, no matter how little it was.
Only two markets made 20 day highs this week, FXI and TLT, vs 12 last week, 7 made new 20 day lows vs 3 last week, and 28 finished with a golden cross, 20 SMA above the 50 SMA, vs 37 last week, the NYSE finished with 60 stocks on a PSAR buy vs 100 last week and 302 on a PSAR sell signal vs 16 last week, not a very good stat.

Unfortunately this was a day late on my part, but that's the winner's and loser's in my 76 markets over the past year, the big thing, which you will NEVER hear on Bubblevision of course, is that bonds, TLT, just KILLED our other markets, up 28.32% on the year plus having that MASSIVE yield, vs 19.77% for our best major, the NasDOGS, with NO yield, the SPY was next, up a measly 14.50%.

That's the winner's in the S and P 500 the past week, GM in second place, ??????, what's up with that, did the tax payer's give the UAW another 20 BILLION dollars in welfare money????

Here's the loser's for the week, still a few energy names on it like SWN, XEC, NFX, DO, and RIG, and RIG is interesting because:

It was the worst performer in the S and P last year, down 60 fricking percent, woooo weeeee, I love the oufit but it closed at $18.12 this week, which seems cheap until you see that it's low two weeks ago was 2 dollars LOWER, which would be the target in case it decides to double bottom.
For you BTATH'ers LUV was the best performer last year, up 127.80%, yea Baby, buy those Airlines, none of them will EVER go broke again, hahahahahaha, yeaaaaaa, riiiiiiiight, wad ever................

The S and P closed with 6 stocks on 52 WK highs vs 78 last week, with ONE on a 52WK low vs ONE last week, and I'll give you a hundred guesses who that one stock was...................... no, it wasn't RIG, it was SWN, 12 stocks finished at 20 day highs vs 105 last week, 7 at 20 day lows vs 1 last week, 377 on a golden cross vs 394 last week, and ZERO stocks closed with an RSI above 80 or below 20, vs 4 above 80 last week.



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