Sunday, January 25, 2015


The $NYAD's are obviously still on a BUY signal, I kind of find it interesting though that they got back to the December highs and got REEEEEEEE............................JECTED! We shall see, but I'd sure like to see them start LEADING the market higher.

The $NYHL's are showing no sign of slowing up, very strong.

The $NYSI, and the $NYMO, have been real party pooper's, neither of which is on a buy signal, YET, but one more day and they should join the Super Mario ramp partaaayy.............

This is an RSI scan in my Ninja Trader platform, it cover's 112 of the ETF and stocks I have in my default scan, it scans for RSI 2, 5 and 13, it turns RED when the RSI is OVER 80, and GREEN when it is UNDER 20, you can use your own analysis of "ME" as to why I use the colors the way they are, most people color them the udder way, wad ever. ANYWAY, one of my favorite trader's and people, Andrew Crowder, uses these parameters for his Option service, and what he does is take a short Call Bear Spread, like 26 to 52 days out, when all three are RED, or a shor Put Bull Spread, when all three are GREEN.

Here's a chart of the one that's all GREEN on that scan, DBA, I actually have the 13 RSI as NOT under 20, but it's reading green on the scan . I, ABSOLUTELY, do, NOT, recommend you take any of these as trades, ESPECIALLY, if you do not have a comprehensive trading plan as to how you are going to handle your risk and losses and all that good stuff.  Over sold can STAY over sold for LONG periods of time, OBVIOUSLY, so your option selection is critical, I highly recommend you watch some of Andy's video's or join his service, I get nothing for you joining. I DO find the gap down, with pretty high volume, INTERWESTING!! Especially after 11 days of STRAIGHT DOWN preceding it.
There's only one other in my scan that's all green FXE, unbelieveably there are NONE that are all RED, however, the following are RED on the 2 and 5 RSI, EWT, EWY, GOOGL, and THD.

XIV was the beeg wiener in my 76 markets this week, up 11.52%, just ahead of Putin, RSX 9.02%, SLV reacted to Super Mario more than GLD as GLD is not on the first page, up only 2.72%, SLV was up 8.42%, OIH stocks bounced as it was up 5.67%, even though USO was DOWN 2.68%, I try not to explain crap like that, I'll leave that to some one who claims they know why. The NasDOGS were our leading MAJOR index, QQQ up 4.63% on the week, the rest are not on the first page, SPY up 2.99%, IWM 2.89%, with those Doggie DOW stocks bringing up the rear, DIA up a measly 2.02%, which only equates to about 105% a year, just your typical stuff when Central Banks say they are going to have unlimited money printing to buy the worthless debt of their Country, or COUNTRIES in the case of Super Mario.
BORING STAT'S: 1007  of the 2900+ stocks in the scan finished 4% HIGHER this week vs 303 last week, 151 4% lower vs 680, in my 76 markets above 8 finished at a 20 day high vs 8 last week, 3 at a 20 day low vs 7, 24 finished on a golden cross vs 23, 186 stocks in the NYSE finished with a PSAR buy signal vs 112 last week, 42 with a PSAR sell vs 65, 312 finished at 52 WK highs vs 219 and 51 at 52 WK lows vs 86.

Not many loser's this week, only 13, three of them inverse funds, bonds shocked the WORLD and actually had a DOWN week, TLT down a MASSIVE .10%, cutting into it's full year performance of 29.96%, not counting that equally MASSIVE dividend it carries, hahahahahaha.............. I can't help but laugh at the idiots that like to talk like it's massive, wad ever, each to their own, hell, at 2.64% it's not even CLOSE to the REAL inflation rate, not the stupid CPI, I mean the REAL one, like my broccoli DOUBLED in the last WEEK, that's like, what, a KAZILLION percent a year in inflation??

Here's the beeg wiener's in the S and P 500 this week, NFLX up 35 STINKING PERCENT, geeze, you'd think they added four million subscribers or some thing like that, some energies showed up, like most of the refiners like TSO, PSX, VLO, some like NFX, MPC, NBR, HAL, SBUX had a huge earnings beat as well, although I was REALLY surprised to see the quite NEGATIVE review of those earnings by The, generally they love ANY THING with an "OCK" in their name.
MORE BORING STATS: 78 finished at 52 WK highs vs 34 last week, 1, ONE, at a 52 WK low, that was FTI, which is ACTUALLY the FMC TECH, like I said, I don't try to explain things. 105 finished with 20 day highs vs 39, 14 at lows vs 100, 273 with a golden cross vs 313 last week, STRANGE, wasn't it, more stocks are trending DOWN than Up, hhhhhmmmmmmm, 1, ONE, stock had an RSI above 80, one guess who it was, vs 4 last week, like I said, trending LOWER, 288 had an RSI above 50 vs 211 last week, 214 were below 50 vs 291, so at least that was going the right way.

And here's the beeg loser's in the S and P, I'd say some thing about them but I'm tired. There were a number of stocks with TWO RED boxes from the RSI scan, only DFS, and FFIV were the only two with two GREEN boxes, just a massive selection, there were not three boxer's in either the red or green.


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