Monday, February 02, 2015


The chart of the week, IMHO, has to be bonds, TLT to be exact, it's closed outside the bollinger's on the weekly chart at the bottom the last five weeks and seven of the last eight weeks. The last time any thing like this happened was the top chart, in 2011, during the "Debt" crisis, and then before then in some year called 2008, I forget what happened that year, I outlined them in green boxes. It's kind of funny, but they double topped almost to the gnat's ass at about $122+, and with TLT at $138 I guess what ever crisis we are in now has to be MUCH WORSE!! Right? RIGHT??? And what's REALLY funny is we've lost a MASSIVE 3.8% in the SPY, just fricking PANIC CITY, it is, in 08' we were in the midst of a 50+% loss and in 11' 22+%! I mean, I don't know what to say, except that some one out there is scared to death of some thing. 
When those other two times broke it only took a few months to take all the gains back, I can't help thinking it "SHOULD" be the same this time. 

The $NYAD's had a little ittsy bittsy teeney weeney break of the 10 MA today, which is a SELL signal, BUTT, obviously not very strong. 

The $NYSI has flat lined and not even turned down, YET, but another down day should do the trick, it such a thing is possible.

We had winner's in my 76 markets this week, 21 of them actually, USO was up 4.82% as I guess the much lower than expected GDP is going to suck all the oil out of the world, TLT was the besst major market, up 2.6%, GDX was up 2.53% despite both GLD and SLV being DOWN on the week, strange stuff. 

UNG didn't follow oil's lead, down 8.68% on the week, fat chance I'll see it reflected in my heating bill, some of the frontier markets had a bad week like RSX, TUR and EWZ. all down over 6%, SLV was down 5.54% with GLD only down .63%, the worst industry on the list was SMH , down 4.32%, IYT -3.7%, with XLP and XLF at the bottom of the list at 3.2+%. Our worst major was the NasDOGS, QQQ -3.04%, DIA at -2.81%, SPY 2.69%, and the risk OFF little guys were the leaders, IWM -2.05%. 
Of my 2900+ markets 240 finished 4% vs 771 last week, 709 4% lower vs 151, 65 finished at a 52 wk high vs 297, 98 at a low vs 30 last wk, 1384 finished with a golden cross, 20 SMA above 50 SMA, vs 1562 last week, in my 76 markets 5 finished at 20 day highs vs 8, 7 at 20 day lows vs 3, and 24 finished with a golden cross vs 24, the NYSE finished with 73 stocks on PSAR buys vs 186, 242 on PSAR sells vs 42, 173 on new 52 wk highs vs 312, and 101 on new lows vs 51 last week. 

Here's the top 20 list of winner's in the S and P 500 this week, surprisingly none were over bought with an RSI above 80. 17 finished at a new 52 wk high vs 78 last week, 9 at new lows vs 1 last week, 31 were at 20 day highs vs 105 and 91 at 20 day lows vs 14 last week, 214 were on a golden cross vs 273, 345 finished with an RSI UNDER 50 vs 214 and 157 with an RSI above 50 vs 288.

And here's the top 20 dogs of the S and P with two SHOCKING companies in first and second, IMHO of course, MSFT and QCOM, FCX was no surprise at all in third, STX a little in sixth place, only one energy company this week, I think, COG, two stocks finished with an RSI under 20, DFS and QCOM.
Pretty shocking about Mikey, I wonder how long the new CEO with last???

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