Tuesday, January 13, 2015

It's my duty to report the $NYSI is on a SELL signal, not a very strong sell signal, but a sell none the less, even worse is the $NYAD's have also joined the sell party. The good thing is the bottom chart, the $NYHL's joined the sell party at about the same time as the $NYSI the last two times the market turned down, but right now they are not even CLOSE to any kind of sell signal, so, MAYBE, they suck the market back higher.
Horrible day today, about a 2% intra-day REVERSAL in the major markets as the KBH earnings report took all the home builder's with it, AA didn't help either as the report was all right and all the talking heads were giving it GLOWING reviews and raising their targets and all that crap, while the stock was going down all day after the open, definitely not good action with sentiment so high.

IF, the banks miss earnings this week, BAC is targeting $16 in an "EQUAL MOVE" scenario.

LLTC beat earnings in the after hours and is doing TWO of my favorite things on an UP GAP, it's gapping over a RED BAR and gapping over short term resistance just to the left, as it's just over $47 right now in the after hours.
If it can hold this into the open tomorrow it, COULD, be in for more gains.

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