Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I just got back and I see that AAPL BLEW it away, and is trading up in the after hours 6%, or $115.30 the last time I looked.
This is my favorite gap set up, a gap over a red bar from the previous day and over the resistance to the left. This, SHOULD, go back to those highs, I can't tell you how to play it, BUTT, I like to wait for the SHAKE OUT, where they scare the shit out of all the after hours buyers, you should just follow your comprehensive trading plan. Good luck to you.

With the big down day my breath indicators didn't move, I expected a WHIP SAW on the new $NYSI buy and did NOT get it, so I would assume some one in the know knew about the AAPL earnings before hand, but that can't happen, RIGHT????? Tomorrow is a FED day as well and expect them to try and talk the DOLLAR down at the rate announcement. AAPL is lifting ALL boats in the NasDOGS, as I notice a lot of those companies that went DOWN on their OWN earnings, are higher in the after hours off of AAPL, like MSFT, INTC, ETC ETC.
"X" is another one I will be checking out tomorrow.


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