Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Just as I feared down at the bottom of this post, the $NYAD's whip sawed, AGAIN, and are back on  a BUY SIGNAL, so all is well in La La Land. 

BAC, a stock that I DO have a position in, has been on a BB Squeeze for the last seven days, the INITIAL move, when the Woodies CCI was on a sell signal, was to the LOWER bollinger, it FAILED, and has bounced BAC to the under side of that upper trend line that goes BAC to last March, the Woodies CCI has gone BAC to a BUY SIGNAL, a break above that trend line and BAC, "COULD", go BAC to those very same March highs in the $18 "area". 
Like I said, I do have a position in it and all I'm doing is trying to find some sucker to take it off my hands at higher prices. 

December 1:

Ya know, I hate to even post this, as it will probably be a whip saw like the last signal a couple of weeks ago, but, HEY, a signal is a signal, it at least deserves some respect, the $NYAD has gone back to a sell signal, so there, it's posted.
One troubling aspect is that under the surface we are getting some huge moves in a LOT of stocks, my "Market Monitor" of over 2900 stocks had 685 stocks on a weekly basis up over 4%, with only 104 stocks down 4%, today we have 191 stocks up 4% on the week and 708 stocks DOWN 4%, a complete reversal. Most of it is, PROBABLY, due to the oil collapse, but it's interesting that with just a 5% rise in oil today off of five year lows, the IYT had it's biggest drop in six months, I mean, come on, $69 oil is still cheap for the transport companies.
I'm just say'in, some funny stuff going on , and I don't mean HAH HAH type.


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