Thursday, December 18, 2014

WOW! All it takes is to have a slow Wednesday afternoon and have the FOMC say that things are so absolutely shitty that they are not going to change any thing and keeps rates at stinking ZERO, FOR EVER, and one and a half  and two trend days later the $NYAD's get a brand spanking new buy signal!


The timing tool a lot of people use, the $NYSI, is NOT even CLOSE to a buy signal, and in fact just turned UP TODAY. NATURALLY, you would want to see both of these in sync, and who knows, a THIRD trend day up will probably do it! You also want to see the $NYAD's lead the markets, as in you want to see them break over those November highs and lead us higher, which, of course, another measly little 428 points in the DOW should do it, hahahahahahahahaha!! Geeze, what a buying panic.................
This second huge up day is a "Follow Through Day", and as such, according to IBD, means the markets are probably going to Da Stinking MOOOOOOOOOONNNNN.......................... wad ever, Happy Holidays and good luck to you!


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