Sunday, December 21, 2014


For obvious reasons, this is an abbreviated wrap up this week, nothing really to say, if you weren't in it's going to be tough to get some decent R/R trying to buy now prior to any pull BAC.
ANYWAY, because Yellin didn't change a damn thing, it COMPLETELY changed the dynamics of the oil trade, as people who didn't want it BEFORE she didn't change any thing, seem to not get enough of it NOW!!!! The top sector in my 76 markets this week was, TAAAAA DAAAAA, OIH, up 11%, XLE was third at 8.85%, our oil rich neighbors got some big moves, EWC up 5.70% and EWW up 5.83%, Yellin also moved the rest of the materials markets as XLB was up 4.32%. Our best major was the "risky" assets, IWM up 3.65%, SPY up 2.80%, DIA 2.69%, with the NasDOGS bringing up the rear, "only" up 1.61% on the week. Right in the middle of the page is JNK, up 3.35%, as I guess she saved all those companies in the oil patch that were going broke with their junk debt.
The thing I find so utterly hilarious about the whole oil thing is that USO was barely higher on the week, .14%, and that was only because it was up over 5%TODAY......... wad ever, she saved Putin as well, as RSX was up 8.51% today. It's just amazing how fast the world economies can turn around just by some one not doing a damn thing.

There were more loser's than I thought, 19, UNG was the big surprise, down 7.91%, SLV down 5.58% and GLD 2.25%, those took GDX down .64%, not much at all considering. Bonds were some what stubborn about caving into Janet, TLT down only .34% and BND .13%.
Only 3 markets closed on a 20 day high, VTI, IWM and IYR, vs 5 last week, 4 closed at 20 day lows vs 43 last week, UNG, FXF, FXE and SH, 44 closed with a golden cross, 20 SMA above 50 SMA, vs 49 last week, 445 NYSE stocks closed with a PSAR buy vs 41 last week, and only 23 were on a PSAR sell vs 247 last week.
Some thing I find a little peculiar:

The big move in  the oil's was in lock step with a big move in the Dollar, HIGHER, as it put on a big Bullish Engulfing bar this week and closed at the highs, hhmmmmmmm, so oil is not longer as the mirror image of the dollar???

The beeg wiener's in the S and P 500 this week were of course littered with oil stocks, with NBR leading up 36.30%. The one I find interesting is ORCL, up 15.14%, because earnings came in, TAAAAA DAAAAAA, the same as a year ago, 56 cents, when the stock was 30% lower, and a slightly better bargain, that was the first time in a year they beat and I think it was by the proverbial penny. Maybe the big jump was because revenue came in LOWER, 2.5 billion vs 2.55 billion last year..................................actually, the thing that was REALLY interesting, was the little note that said earnings would have been 5% HIGHER but the strong dollar hurt their earnings, we should expect to hear that from a LOT more companies in the up coming earnings season.

The loser's list is pretty interesting, a real hod podge, MAT, SBUX, PVH, TSO, KORS, HOG, AMZN, etc etc.
There were only 37 loser's this week, 3 stocks had an RSI above 80, KMX, SPLS, KR, zero were below 20, 124 finished at 52 WK highs vs 17 last week, 164 closed at 20 day highs vs, 21 last week, 4 closed at 20 day lows, HAS, MAT, NKE, XLNX, 411 closed on a golden cross vs, 435 last week.

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