Sunday, December 14, 2014


I don't need to show any "breath" indicators, therefore I will show some "breath" indicators. The $NYMO, at the top, is actually almost as over sold as it was at the October bottom, one more down day and it will be. Of course, back in the good Ole days before the massive FED interventions and manipulations, it didn't get over sold until it got below -100, but that was then, this is now, it tends to bottom in the 60's.
Wednesday was my last post about the $NYAD's and the $NYSI until they turn around and trigger a new buy signal. 

Wooooo Hooooo, 12 of my 76 markets finished higher this week, of course, four of those were inverse funds. SLV was the leader after the inverses, up 4.42%, just beating out bonds, TLT up 4.3% on the week. I know it would be impossible, but I bet the A-holes at Bubblevision have not mentioned once to the retails they are trying to get into this market that the TLT is up 27.42% YTD, with a 2.72% yield, vs the SPY up 14.97% with a 1.84% yield, I mean, it's understandable they don't talk about that, as the Wall Street firms that pay for Bubblevision won't get the badly needed fee's out of those retails if they think the market is under performing some thing like "SAFE" bonds!!
There was only ONE country ETF that was higher this week, EWS up .61%, XLU was our best performing sector, up a whooping .09%. 
To Art Cashin's credit he did say that this week was the worst week, TRADITIONALLY, in the month of December, he said it gets better after this as Santa Claus takes over, I'm sure he didn't think it would be this bad though. 

Putin just got DESTROYED this week, RSX down 14.96%, to lead every one but the XIV, oil in the form of USO was down 12%, followed by Brazil at 9.36%, pretty amazing numbers for individual countries. None of our majors made the first page, our worst sector was down at the bottom, XLB down 5.97%, not counting the oil patch of course. Our BEST major was a surprise to me, the "risky" assets, IWM down 2.53%, with the next most risky asset next, the NasDOGS, QQQ down 2.57%, with the "safe" SPY down 3.42%, and the even SAFER DIA down 3.63%. mainly because XOM and CVX were both down over 7%, but BA and CAT put them to shame, as they were both down over 8%. 
Only 5 markets were on a 20 day high vs 12 last week, 43 were on a 20 day low vs only 15 last week. Surprisingly the markets that are on a golden cross, 20 SMA above 50 SMA, was at 49 vs 50 last week. The number of NYSE stocks on a PSAR buy finished the week at 41 vs 76 last week, with sells at 247 vs 107 last week, the PSAR "kind" of gave some advance warning last week with the number of sells greater than the number of buys, I will continue to monitor this. 

The S and P 500 had 70 stocks higher this week, with SPLS the beeg wiener, kind of surprising that an oil patcher came in second, DO, SPLS jumped 14.53% because some outfit I never heard of took a 6% stake in them, really, that's worth 14.53%?? That and there was a rumor they would buy Office Depot...................hahahahahahahaha, I would have thunk they would have gone DOWN 14% on THAT news!!!! They report on the 19th, it will be interesting to see if they come back to earth. 
The most embarrassing moment of the week came with the stock in 3rd place, WAG, as it jumped after the CEO said he was leaving.....................................

And here's the beeg wieners of the 430 loser's this week, I'm shocked, SHOCKED I TELL YA, to see an oil related stock leading the way, NBR, I am kind of shocked that there's only about 8 or 9 of them on the list, why would there be a couple of chemical names on the list, doesn't lower oil costs HELP them?? I was also surprised at FCX, as gold, silver and copper were all higher on the week, but it pays to do a little due diligence as I guess they have a fairly significant investment in the oil patch sector.
17 stocks in the S and P finished at 52 WK highs vs 90 last week, and only 32 at lows vs 10 last week, only 21 finished at 20 day highs vs, 125 last week, with 162 at lows vs 23 last week, the number of stocks on a golden cross held in there at 435 vs 442 last week, one stock finished at over bought RSI above 80, and that was, TAAAAA DAAAAA, SPLS, and only 1 stock was over sold with an RSI under 20, and that was RIG. Until that list expands to about 499 stocks out of 500 being over sold, I won't consider the bottom to be in.

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