Monday, December 22, 2014


The cumulative $TICK just did trigger a new buy signal today, the $NYAD's of course are on a solid buy signal.

HOWEVER, the $NYSI has still not triggered a buy, even with all indexes solidly in the green today, and there's a reason for that, check this weird stat out:

The weird stat of the day is that even with all indexes higher my "Market Monitor" of 2933 stocks showed 146 were down 4% with only 85 higher by 4%, that is a strange stat indeed. The other thing is that the stocks up by 4% for the WEEK came in at a record, 1712 stocks, which you might consider a "contrary" indicator, but it's not particularly bad. The next closest reading came on October 21 with 1591 stocks up 4%, you notice this is only the second consecutive day of over 1000 stocks higher, that October reading was also the second consecutive day and then had three more consecutive days of over 1000 before the streak ended. October 21 was the fourth consecutive up day, today was the fourth consecutive up day, in the $NYA.


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