Tuesday, December 16, 2014

My "Market Monitor", which consists of over 2900 stocks, hit 1474 stocks that are down 4% or more this past week, as shown in the red box, I, THOUGHT, this was a RECORD, but far from it:

All I had to do was go to October, we hit 1498 on October 10 and 1595 on October 13, sooooooooo............ we obviously could have more to go. HOWEVER, if you notice, we hit 1347 on October 15 and 611 at the bottom on October 16, which is called a, DIVERGENCE, IE, even though price went lower fewer and fewer stocks were going lower with it. I will certainly inform you when, or IF, I see that happen in the coming days.

The $NYAD's and $NYSI are both still crashing and not even CLOSE to a bottom or new buy signal, the $NYMO, above, hit a LOWER level than what we hit at the infamous October low, so I suppose that in the NEW WORLD ORDER, where massive interventions and manipulations by Central Banks around the world, most notably OUR FED, have warped the "Traditional", or, FORMER, buy signals, when it reached MINUS 100, it could NOW be considered OVER SOLD, and, POSSIBLY, ready to bounce.
PERSONALLY, I prefer that it go back to the OLD signals, minus 100 or more, but you can use your own judgement, as I'm sure you will. And also of course, I probably won't do any thing until the $NYAD's and $NYSI give their signals.


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