Sunday, December 28, 2014


Here's a very nice article from IVolatility on identifying trends,

I took this screen shot this morning, I thought it was pretty hilarious, it's the poster child for the year end markets, EVERY THING, was UP, the VIX, the SPY, bonds in the form of TLT, GLD was FLYING, I mean, IT'S ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL..................GOOD!!! It's kind of funny, ain't it, when the S and P is up 8 Handles, and yet people are just killing each other trying to get into the safety of bonds, gold and the VIX! Hahahahahahaha, thank you Federal Reserve!

The $NYSI, FINALLY, joined it's other BREATH brethren and issued a new buy signal.
Of course, after seven days up you have to use your own judgement, I'm just saying that the thing issued a buy signal.

Russia killed it this week, RSX leading my 76 markets by being up 11.79%, I guess Putin not only found the cure for communism and totalitarianism but cancer as well!! It must have been a bad week for capitalism because the commie bastards in China were the third best, FXI up 4.15%, then came our best sector, XLU up 3.78% as "inwestor's" were fleeing into the safety of utilities, both the transports and energy rebounded, IYT and XLE up over 2.6%. Our best MAJOR market did not make the first page, it was IWM, up 1.61%, then DIA, 1.57%, RSP, 1.49%, SPY up 1.36%, with the NasDOGS, QQQ, truly being the DOGS of the week, up 1.14%.

UNG got killed again this week to lead the loser's, down 17.4%, I, EXPECT, to see it reflected in my gas bill this month........................... hahahahahahahaha, pretty funny joke, you think??!!! Despite a big up day on Friday GDX was still down 2.15% on the week, grains continued lower, DBA down 1.06%, I also expect THAT to be reflected in my cereal costs.................hahahahahahaha, AGAIN! 18 markets finished lower, some of the country ETF's were THD, EPI, EIS, EZA, EWL, 12 markets finished at 20 day highs vs 3 last week, 3 were on 20 day lows vs 4 last week, 37 finished with a golden cross, 20 SMA above 50 SMA, vs 44 last week, 100 stocks in the NYSE finished with a PSAR buy signal vs 445 last week, 16 on a PSAR sell signal vs 23 last week.

Here's the leader's in the S and P the past week, 78 finished at new 52 WK highs vs 124 last week, 105 finished at 20 day highs vs 164 last week, only one finished at a new 52 WK LOW and a 20 day low, EQT, 394 finished with a golden cross vs 411 last week, 4 stocks had an RSI 14 of over 80, I think the same stocks as last week as the strong just stay strong, KR, RHT, SPLS, WEC, actually, only KR and SPLS were on the list last week. Once again, value buyer's, or the buy low and sell Higher's, are shit out of luck, as ZERO stocks had an RSI of under 20.

And here's the loser's this past week for all of us slimy bottom fisher's, I don't DO BIO tech's so GILD is OUT, there's the typical group of energy names that will probably be looked back at and people saying what were we thinking, UA was down for some reason, HAS again this week, along with CELG, NEM down 2.78%, only because it was UP 4.90% the last two days.

I consider the huge drop in PSAR buys in the NYSE, the drop in the 52 WK highs in the S and P, no over sold stocks in the S and P, and the distribution in the last hour of the markets the last three days, to be a little troubling, but, then again, I'm ALWAYS looking for trouble.
It "could" just be end of year tax selling.

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