Monday, December 08, 2014


CMG is on Mr. Breakouts 3 weeks tight list, and it just so happens to be working on the first BB Squeeze signal since the end of February:  


For all the yelling and screaming today about how great every thing is, I find it a little disconerting that the $NYAD's almost, ALMOST, issued another SELL signal, which, of course, probably would be another stinking WHIP SAW!

The $NYSI has turned back at the September highs, just as the $NYA has, and is just one little dinky DOWN day away from a new SELL signal, just as the $NYAD's are. 

It's a complete shock to me, to see SLV leading all my 76 markets to the upside this week, up 5.26%, GLD was up 2% and GDX 2.12%, another shock was to see QID on this leader board, up 1.11%. Our best sector was SMH, then XLF, XLV and XLB, all up over 1%. Our best major was NOT the Q's, as you might imagine, it was the little guys, up a whooping .86% this week to lead the way, DIA was next at .79%, then SPY at .39%, the Q's were down .29%. 
This is why I'm so surprised by SLV and them:

The Dollar was up over 1% this week, I mean, I, THOUGHT, that it had an INVERSE relationship with the precious stuff, obviously I thunk wrong. When some thing SHOULD go one way, like down for SLV, and it doesn't, that probably bodes well for it down the road. 

That chart of IWM is just for reference, out of my 76 markets only nine were on a BB Squeeze, 7 were on a Woodies CCI buy signal, EPI, EWJ, EWY, IWC, IWM, XIV, XLU, 2 were on sell signals, EWU and VXX. The post on 11/27 explains the BB Squeeze, but basically I want the stock or market to be in the middle of the bollinger bands, or there abouts, with the bollingers squeezed together, which, GENERALLY, leads to a BIG MOVE, one way or Da Udder, the BB Squeeze doesn't give a direction until after the move has started, that's the cross over of the center line by the Oscillator. 

There were 49 stocks down in my 76 markets, so that was a negative, most of them were those Udder Worldly things, like EWM, EWZ, EWA, etc etc, or commodity related, like the "leader" UNG, or USO, one REALLY troubling one to me, was XME being down 3.98%, that means the industrial metals were down this week, more than likely, completely opposite of the precious metals. Not to worry though, bubblevision said every thing is fricking GREAT, so the price of industrial materials should start flying pretty soon.
12 of my markets closed this week at 20 day highs compared to 20 last week, which seems strange. 15 were at 20 day lows vs 17 last week, 50 closed on a Golden Cross, 20 MA above 50 MA, vs 49 last week, 76 stocks in the NYSE closed with a PSAR buy signal vs 160 last week, and 107 on a PSAR sell signal vs 327 last week.

Here's the big wiener's in the S and P 500 this week, just for the BTATFH'er's, 297 stocks finished higher, 90 finished at a 52 WK high vs 163 last week, 10 at 52 WK lows vs 19 last week, 125 at 20 day highs vs 221 last week, 23 at 20 day lows vs 48 last week, 442 finished on a Golden Cross vs 430 last week, 8 stocks finished with a 14 RSI of over 80, which makes them a candidate for a short OTM call spread as per your VERY DETAILED TRADING PLAN, they were ADI, MMC, ADN, V, XRAY, ESRX, MAC, OMC, there were, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh, ZERO stocks with an RSI under 20, Ya Know, like I'm not saying the S and P may be a little over bought, but, ZERO????

And here's the big loser's for the week, energy stocks figure VERY prominently on the list, with RIG leading the way,  I was surprised to see BBY on the list, with the SMH BLASTING higher, I figured BBY had lines about five miles long at every store!! Same thing with AMZN, but of course, I guess you can't have a line at their store, I guess Vegas ain't doing that great with WYNN on the list, COH is on it again, and I thought GMCR was being bought or some thing, hhhhhmmmm.......

Speaking of RIG, it's sitting in a "area" of it's prior low from BAC in 2002 and 03', it hit a low of $18.10 BAC then, I mean, Markets do have MEMORIES, and this, COULD, be a, POSSIBLE, buying "area", it put on a nice little hammer today but not huge volume, I am in NO way shape or form recommending ANY ONE buy the stupid thing, it's losing $2.57/share, SO FAR, this year, and could go broke, ALTHOUGH, ANAL-lyst are saying it's going to make $2.70/share PROFIT, NEXT YEAR, so take it for what it's worth.............. it could go BAC to 40 or 50, or it could go to 0.......
Speaking of BAC (did you get the hint, huh huh huh???), I hope some body got it, I actually sold into the pump, which is probably a HUGE mistake, much like my selling into the pump in AA last year. Speaking of AA, it had a pretty big DOWN day today, hhhhhmmmmmm, I could have sworn Bubblevision said EVERY THING was HIGHER!


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