Monday, December 01, 2014


Hhhhmmmm, I couldn't seem to find many people that wanted to talk about the end of the month, or Thanksgiving week trading, so with that in mind I thought that Joe gave a pretty good wrap up in his video this week. 

The good part is that the $NYAD's broke to new highs and are LEADING the NYSE, the bad part is that the damn NYSE is not going any where fast, as it's trying to triple, quad or quintuple top, which ever way you want to look at it.

My "Market Monitor" is throwing fits, in the left red box we ended the week almost even between stocks that were up 4% for the week and stocks down 4%, 400+ each out of over 2900 stocks, but in the next box, with most indexes flat or down Friday after the Thanksgiving Day massacre in oil, the number of 52 WK highs almost doubled with the number of 52 WK lows going up five fold, the S and P 500 wasn't any better as new 52 WK highs jumped from 59 on Wednesday to 163 on Friday, this despite the index being DOWN on Friday, in fact if it wasn't for the magic pump the last 20 minutes the index would have put on an ugly little bearish engulfing bar.
Just strange numbers, I really have no idea what this might lead to next week when the big boys get back from their weekend in the Hampton's.

Lost in the oil thing this week was China, as FXI was the leader in my 76 markets this week, up 5.48%, after the Chinese leaders said they would try to perpetuate the bubble by LOWERING interest rates, there was a lot of EU stocks on the leader board after Monti said he was going to do some thing, our best sector was the semi's, with SMH up 4%, they were followed by XLY, XLV, IYR, XLP, and XLK, all up over 2%, our MAJOR market winner was the nasDOGS, QQQ, up 2.26%.................... oops, wait a minute, actually BONDS were the big winner, TLT up 2.61%, hahahahahaha, as "Inwestor's" were buying up the risky DOT.comer's while at the same time they were fleeing into the safety of BONDS, come on Peep's, make up your fricking minds, which one is it going to be??? You have to go all the way down to 39th to see our next best major, SPY up .79%, then DIA up .74%, with the little guys bringing up the rear, up only .21% after a 1.49% dump on Friday.

I said on Turkey day I wanted to see the little guys go UP immediately, instead they did the complete opposite, all they've done though is fall back into almost the exact middle of the bollinger bands, with the BB Squeeze still in signal mode, so even with the BIG MOVE Friday, they still have more to go, as they haven't even gotten to one of the bollinger bands, where they can start "walking" one way or Da Udder.
By the way, it wasn't hard to figure out why they were down:

These are the top 20 loser's in my 2900 stocks in the monitor, and every one of them was oil related, with only three of them NOT small caps.
I'm sure there are some great bargains in the oil patch, but it's hard to say how long this fight is going to go on, and there could be a lot of BK's before the winner's start showing up.

Here's the loser's for the week in my 76 markets, I'm going to take a wild guess and say most of them are oil related, like commodity based countries RSX, EWC, EWA, EWW, precious was not so precious with GDX down 6.85%, with SLV and GLD not far behind.
20 markets finished the week on a 20 day high with 12 on lows vs 39 and 5 last week, 49 were on a golden cross of 20 ma above the 50 ma, vs 37 last week.

Here's the big winner's in the S and P 500 this week, I don't know who's on the list nor do I care.

And here's the big loser's for the week, you can ditto this list with my comment above, I am absolutely NOT interested in taking on new positions until the markets work off the massive over bought situations for a few days, which, who knows, may not happen until after the first of the year, hahahahahaha, wad ever.
163 stocks finished the week on 52 WK highs vs 106 last week, 19 on lows vs ZERO last week, 221 closed on 20 day highs vs 222 last week, 48 on lows vs 4 last week, and 430 closed with a golden cross vs 404 last week.

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