Sunday, November 09, 2014

The big concerns I've heard in La La Land (BTWTM), is the failure of the small and mid caps to "confirm" the new highs in the SPY, DIA and QQQ, which, is probably a "concern", but my personal, "CONCERN", is the biggest index, the NYSE, failed to "confirm" those highs, PLUS, the failure of the $NYAD's to confirm as well.
Those big three all made new highs in September while both the $NYA and IWM failed to do so, and that 10% pull back followed pretty close behind.
I'm certainly not saying we will pull back again, as, EVERYBODY, has a dozen seasonal and fundamental reason why the markets are going to continue higher into the end of next April with out any pull backs at all, and they probably WILL, BUTT....................... when I'm staring at the exact same set up that led to the last pull back, I think maybe I'll be a little on the conservative side until that "LOOK" is resolved to the upside.

 Let's see, what time of year is it, hhhhmmmm, oh yea, it's November, and let's see, wad I just have to turn on..... oh yea, it was my HEATER, and let's see, what "market" led my 76 markets HIGHER this week,............ oh yea, SURPRISE, fricking stinking UNG, the fricking stinking ahole ROACHES!!!! Ya know, we are producing more fricking nat gas than ever before, and you can just take that stupid fricking economic principle of "SUPPLY AND DEMAND" and throw it out the stupid window, the greedy bastards, wad ever, it was up 12.92%, woooo hooo, I'm real HAPPY for it!!!
Sign, back to my non-rant stuff, GDX came in second at 8.31% because GLD finished .28% HIGHER on the week, ALL of it today, hahahahahahahaha, unlike Nat gas I DID catch some of that off a bottom fishing gamble I took in NEM, now I can actually WOOOO HOOOO, hahahaha, wad ever! IYT was our best sector, followed by the home builders, XHB, with XLP, XLU and XLI following right behind, then came our best Big Boy of the week, DIA up 1.23% on the week, SPY at .83%, bonds, TLT, bedeviled every one by being up .666% on the week, as people drove the Big Boys to new all time highs while piling into the safety of bonds at the same time!! The QQQ's followed at a measly .20%, with the little guys bringing up the rear at .13%, IWM up .15 whooping cents for the week, as I say GGGRRRRRRRRRRRR.............. (can you tell who had an "option" gamble in them, hahahahaha)..............

Ya know, it's a whole different World out there when you get out of this fairy tale La La Land we live in, Putin had a baaaaaaaaaaadddd week, RSX down 5.33% to be the "winner" of the loser's, but he wasn't alone, EWZ, TUR, EWI, EWJ, and EWP were all down over 4%, 6 more over 2%, EWA, EWH and FXI were all pushing 2%, I don't get Bubblevision any more so I don't know how loudly they were screaming about the ATH's here in the US, but god, what a bunch of crap in the rest of the world. I only had 31 winner's in my 76 markets which left 45 LOSER's, not exactly a resounding VICTORY by the bull's, but who am I to say. My market stat's kind of reflected it as well, as only 14 markets ended the week on 20 day highs vs 29 last week, the markets on a golden cross, 20SMA above 50SMA, stayed the same at 10. The NYSE ended last week with 96 stocks on a PSAR buy signal and 60 on a sell, this week there was only 49 on a new buy and 154 on a sell, ssssooooooo...........
not much to hang my hat on.

Ya know, I could swear, SWEAR I tell Ya, that WFM was the biggest piece of dog poop on Wall Street since last May, and that was according to Wall Street itself, hahahahahaha, and now this week they are the greatest thing EVER, up 19.02% to lead all S and P 500 stocks, I didn't see any thing else that interested me, I just thought it was kind of funny about WFM, I guess the younger brother of the two Fast Money trader's is probably screaming about how that means the RICH are back spending out the Ying Yang again.

There was one, ONE, S and P stock that finished the week at a 52 week LOW, and that's it at the top of this list, GNW, the SPY must have gone to Da Stinking Mooooooon this week because that was 50% LESS 52 week lows than we had LAST week.................... hahahahahahaha, a little fun with BS there, we finished with 81 52 WK highs last week vs 76 this week, 180 20 day highs vs, 156 this week, and 140 were on a golden cross last week vs 185 this week, so that was a good stat.
As far as the rest of the list my only comment is that it seems kind of funny to NOT see FCX, NEM, RIG, COH or AVP on the list, I guess every dog has it's week.

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