Thursday, November 13, 2014

I hate to say ANY THING, as I'm "usually" wrong about this, but I feel I have to say SOME thing, as this is just about as bad as it gets.
I get into FINVIZ tonight to do the updates to my markets and market monitor, and as I always do I did a quick glance at the top of the page, and notice that all three of the BIG BOY markets were higher, and I get ready to go into my scans, and I notice the lower left corner box, with all three major markets HIGHER today, DECLINERS out numbered ADVANCERS by almost a TWO TO ONE margin, hahahahahaha, that is stinking hiillllllllllll......larious, that is, if you have a warped sense of humor like me.
So I update my market monitor, the table, and sure as shit we had 155 stocks out of the 2900 that were DOWN 4%, compared to just 39 that were UP 4%, just a huge number when you consider the majors were all higher.
So this forces me to check the all important $NYAD's, and again, sure as shit, that went DOWN today, and are just another day like this away from triggering a sell signal, or a hedge signal if you don't want to sell any thing.
Now, this could just be one of those single day aberrations, and won't amount to any thing, or, it could be the start of some thing else...........................................


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