Sunday, October 19, 2014


Please also check over at the ELLIOTT WAVE lives on as I feel he has some important information. 

Most of the chatter I heard from trader's was not about the huge up day on Friday but the collapse of the small caps, which gapped up and then fell 1.6% during the day to finish slightly lower, .30%. I really have nothing to say about it, I mean, it's BAD, but there might be worst things, we definitely want to see them move higher with the big boys.
Seeing an "interesting" data point being Tweeted about, the last time the SPY gained 1.5% and the IWM closed in the red, was November of 2008...........hahahahahahahahahaha, NOT, exactly, a great time to be a bull in the markets, although we were getting close to the bottom.

The $NYAD's gave a BUY signal on Friday, which is great, BUTT:

The $NYSI did NOT, which means, IMO, we remain on SELL. The best I can say about it is that it flattened, so that's better than the crash it's been having. 

Here's the bad, my "Market Monitor" is freaking out, the red box on the left side is the main market composed of  2891 stocks, and despite the huge UP day today, the number of stocks up 4% dropped from 384 on Thursday to 133 on Friday, and the number of stocks DOWN 4% on the day increased from 39 on Thursday to 133 on Friday, very very unusual stuff it is. The next red box is the number of stocks that are on a golden cross, 20 SMA above the 50 SMA, and it DECREASED on Friday from Thursday's totals, and even weirder than that is that the S and P 500 and my 74 markets did that as well. PLUS, the S and P 500 20 day HIGHS DECREASED from 20 on Thursday to 15 on Friday, and the 74 markets went from 10 to 9. 
None of this matters if we go higher again right away, it was just some weird thing that happened, but if we fail to follow through then this was a "tell". 

Here's the big winner's on the week in my 74 markets, the transports led our markets, IYT up 3.53% on the week, followed by SMH at 2.94%, then, DESPITE, having the bad day on Friday, it turns out the little guys were our best Major market this week, IWM up 2.62%, the rest of our major markets are on the loser's list below.

The Q's were our big major loser, QQQ down 1.52%, they were right behind our worst sector, XLP down 2.15%, XLF was down 1.15%, SPY 1.09%, with the DIA getting the gold star for the best of the  loser's at 1.07%.
I mean, really, after all the yelling and screaming we were down practically NOTHING, a bunch of wasted worrying. Hopefully next week we do better and fall like 20% or some thing.

Here's the big winner's in the S and P 500, I really didn't follow most of them so I have no idea what they were doing, down in number 17 though was Alkie, AA up 6.19%, ALL of it, and MORE, TODAY, as they were up 6.99% on Friday.

Here's the big S and P loser's, NFLX just got slaughtered for what seemed like a pretty minor miss in new subscribers, wad ever, I can't trade it as just the spread on the bid/ask is wider than what my stop would be, hahahahahahaha!! One that surprises me is GOOG, down 6.12%, oh, wait a minute, another one is CF, down 7.95%, they went up on merger talks and then crashed, naturally, when the talked fell through after only about one week. There was about a half dozen oil related stocks on the list as oil fell another 3.3% this week, the fall due to the World Wide Economic BOOM!!


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