Thursday, October 09, 2014

Some Divergences

You know me, I don't sugar coat any thing, especially about markets that have been the second or third most over valued pieces of shit in the History of Mankind, or at least since Raquel Welch was romping with dinosaurs in 10,000 BC, but I will mention some thing when I find it interwesting.
Today was a HORRIBLE day of course, that is if you are one of those bullish types, the indexes were all down 2%, the blue chip DOW down over 334 points, so it seems "funny" to me when some thing DOESN'T happen. In this case, the most important breath indicator, the $NYAD's, DIDN'T lead us LOWER, it just barely broke the August low and is much higher than the May lows, while the $NYSE not only broke the August lows but also the May lows.
ALSO, in my Market Monitor at the bottom, we made MORE 52 WK highs than yesterday, and we made FEWER 52 WK lows, and, ALSO, the S and P 500 did the same thing, AND, also made more 20 day highs than yesterday and fewer 20 day LOWS.
NATURALLY, this don't mean diddly fricking squat of course, we could go down another 300 points tomorrow, I'm just mentioning this so that in the unlikely chance that we go higher tomorrow I can come back and say, SEE, I TOLD YOU SO!!!

In a bull market you dont need analysts. In a bear market you dont need stocks.

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