Monday, October 13, 2014

I'm not going to take pot shots at twitter peeps who are talking about how unbelievably over sold we are right now, wad ever, if you believe that, then go for it!
It "used" to be that we considered minus 100 on the $NYMO over sold enough to take a shot at it, you can see we bottomed at -90 in August, and we are in the area of where we bottomed back in February, sooooooooooooo......

That 1595 in my Market Monitor is the most stocks EVER that have been down 4% in a week, that's out of 2860 stocks, so well over half of them are down 4% for the week. The other "good" thing is you may notice that even with the big down day today we had more stocks up 4%  than Friday and less stocks down, of course we did this last week and still went down again, so, I'd still like to see that $NYMO get to minus 100. Maybe the big banks all miss earnings big time tomorrow morning and we get a big flush out day.

Ivica is holding LVS short and ATHM and MYGN long over night.


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