Thursday, October 09, 2014

"GENERALLY", speaking, when our markets rally 1.8% because the FOMC comes out and says that growth is going to be so shitty that they may keep interest rates at ZERO for like, FOREVER, you might expect us to rest a little the next day, HOWEVER, you would be wrong, this from Bloomberg this morning:
"Shares in Europe gained after a report by four economic institutes warned that Germany’s economy is on the edge of recession as exports to China and Russia sag, and Chancellor Angela Merkel’s domestic policies hold back growth."

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.......................HAH!!! Hell, if the FED had just said that WE were on the verge of a RECESSION yesterday, we might have gained 2.8 fricking percent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The fact that we FELL 1.5% on Tuesday and then GAINED 1.8% yesterday was not lost on the Bespoke Group, they reported that we have had six instances since 2009 where we fell over 1.5% one day and then gained MORE than that the next day, this has resulted in an average LOSS over the next week of 2%, soooooooooooo.................... good luck to you.

Ivica is looking at ADSK, CHKP, CLVS, MYGN, PLL, SKX, THS and TRV for "POSSIBLE" long ideas today, but, PERSONALLY, I might be a little careful out there today. 

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