Saturday, September 27, 2014

The $NYSI and $NYAD's both remain on solid sell signals, no reason to post charts of them. Of the majors the Q's look the best, actually, they look great, other than that they've chopped around for a month now and gone side ways, the ranges are increasing as well, which is a change in character from the prior power trends. It's obvious that the 50 MA is MAJOR support, you wouldn't want to see it break through it. We've been having a pattern of lower Thursdays and lower Mondays, with an up Friday sandwiched in between, so, we'll see what happens on Monday. We go into the last two days of the month and quarter, and the first two days of the next month and quarter next week, which are, TRADITIONALLY, supposed to be positive periods.

This week sure lived up to it's billing as the worst week of the year as far as historical stats go, not surprisingly the winner in my 73 markets I monitor was the VXX, up 7.86%, with all the action in stocks I wasn't paying attention to commodities and several snuck in on the list of winners, UNG, USO and DBA were all winners, GLD almost made the winners as it was only down .03%. That was followed by our best sector, XLB, down .08%, with XLP and XLV showing up on this list.

The loser's were legion, led by XIV down 8.41%, which is kind of a typical weekly move for that thing, the rest of the first page of the loser's were a whole bunch of those Udder Worldly stock markets, not one of our sectors or major markets showed up on the first page of losers, other than GDX, which is kind of a world wide thing any way. Our best major was DIA, down 1.01%, followed by Da Q's, -1.20%, SPY -1.40%, XLF -1.52%, with the little guys bringing up the rear, IWM -2.23%.
Only one market is at a 20 day high, ERY, the 20 day lows actually decreased from 28 last week to 21 this week, markets in a death cross, 20 MA below 50 MA, increased from 34 last week to 40 this week,

Here's the big winner's in the S and P 500 this week, SAIL is a buy out, NKE, CF and MU were earning plays, CLX rose after the CEO stepped down, hahahahahahahahaha, always one of the favorite reactions to CEO's departing, it also rose after pulling out of Venezuela, as it can't possibly hurt the massive 4.4% earnings growth this thing has experienced over the last ten years, the DCF at Guru Focus has a value on it of $44, which is 116% lower than where it is now, wad ever, it's not by it's lonesome, as the DCF hates most of these  massively over valued mega cap consumer staple stocks, like JNJ and PG,

Here's the loser's for the week, I swear, one of these, YEARS, BTU will go higher, sigh. One that surprised me to see it on this list was XRX, it surprised the hell out of me to find out it was in the S and P 500!!
Not a good week of course, 430 of the S and P were down on the week, it ended the week with 7 52 week highs, down from 84 last week, the new lows didn't change at all, 12, the 20 day lows made a big move though, to 160 from 48 last Friday, the highs went from 153 last Friday to 11.

I'm laughing because I'm so happy that it wasn't ME that made the call, hahahahahaha, it USUALLY is!!!!!

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