Thursday, September 04, 2014

Is It Time to Stock Up on O’Reilly? (ORLY) 

So I'm wandering around today while the "markets" pull their typical bull shit tactics of gapping up and then selling off the rest of the day, and I find that guy above trying to sell me his shares of ORLY, so I check out that chart above that he's raving about, and I think God what a piece of absolute balder dash junk. Of course, that is, the "Base", that I talked about down below, six months in this case, so I check out a monthly chart:

And that doesn't seem to bad, I mean, it, COULD, be setting up for another "Equal Move" that, MAY, take it to $168 if you go off the low from April, or $180 if you go from a break out over the highs.
So I go, well, this thing has to be a piece of absolute financial junk, as there's an Auto Zone on every street corner and service stations are kind of like auto part stores, so I check out the DCF at Guru Focus:

And I'm like, wow, how do they do it?? Who are those guys asked Butch??? Guru thinks it's worth $188, and check out those growth rates over the last ten years, 16% on revenue and over 20% on EPS, and look at the accelerating revenue chart on the right side, geeze, amazing stuff. 
I guess the guy is right!!
I suppose, if you were so inclined to buy it off of him, you could wait for a pull back to the $155 break out point, or take it over $158, I'd use options and use them as my stop.

I'm also considering AAPL here, with a stop some where under the all important $100 level. 

Hahahahahaha, that was quick, sigh, maybe I'll try it again if it gets back over the T line. 

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